Member of Hull Young People’s Parliament collects items for local food bank

We received this message from Logan Richards, a member of Hull Young People’s Parliament, and it warmed our hearts!

I am Logan Richards and I am a member of the UK Youth Parliament and Hull Young People’s Parliament. I was elected into the Youth Parliament a year ago. One of my manifesto points was Economic Development and Growth as I wanted to improve living standards, it is good for business, reduces poverty, higher incomes, and extra revenue for the government which can then be spent of public services.

The cost-of-living crisis is affecting lots of people and I wanted to do something to kick start my campaign. I decided to firstly help the local community by donating food and household items to the St Martin’s Church food bank. I contacted Morrisons at Springfield Way, Hull and they kindly said that I could have a pitch in the car park and advertise that customers could donate items to me if they wished.

On Saturday 11 March 2023, members of the public very kindly donated items for me to take to the food bank. I was so pleased when people started to come to me with the items and stopped to ask me about why and who I was collecting for. I really enjoyed speaking with people and telling them how passionate I was about this campaign. In total the public managed to donate 33 crates of food/household items and I was incredibly proud that this amount had been collected.

Although, this is just a drop in the ocean towards helping people, I hope this has made a difference to the people that live in the local community.