Hymers shines in glowing inspection report

Following a visit from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) earlier this year, Hymers College has been awarded the highest possible rating in a glowing report from the inspection team.

In a report woven together with a multitude of outstandingly positive compliments about the school, its pupils and staff, Hymers achieved the top grade of ‘Excellent’ for both elements of the Educational Quality Inspection.

The report found that:

The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.

·         Pupils display excellent levels of achievement across a wide range of disciplines.

·         Pupils display excellent attitudes towards their learning.

·         Pupils of all ages have excellent knowledge, skills and understanding, effectively applying these across all subjects.

·         Pupils demonstrate excellent communication skills as confident orators and in their writing.

·         Pupils demonstrate highly developed study skills which they successfully use to challenge and extend their learning.

It also found that:

The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.

·         Pupils display excellent levels of self-confidence. They are resilient and take responsibility for their own development in preparation for the next steps in their lives.

·         Pupils demonstrate a strong moral awareness and exhibit high standards of behaviour.

·         Pupils of all ages are responsible individuals who make strong contributions to their school and the wider community.

·         Pupils are highly respectful towards each other and appreciate each other’s differences as well as everyone’s common humanity.

Mr Stanley, the Headmaster commented: “I am delighted the school has received such an outstanding report from the inspection team. I feel this report successfully captures the essence of Hymers, bearing testament to the exceptional character of the school and the talents and attitudes of pupils and staff alike.

“I wish to congratulate and thank all members of the Hymers community on this superb inspection report. I consider myself extremely privileged to be associated with such an outstanding school.”