“It was the best, most positive experience of my life”

Hundreds of thousands hear from new mum, Grace Jopling, as she shares her experience at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital.

Grace and baby Billy out of hospital

Over a third of a million people have shared in a Hull mum’s positive experience of planned caesarean section.

Grace Jopling, 24, has created a short video charting her journey from late pregnancy to proud new mum of baby Billy Isaac – named after her late grandad – and posted it on TikTok.

The video comprises a series of still photos, charting Grace’s final hours of pregnancy at 38+4 weeks, through her planned C-section at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital to her first few days as a proud parent.

Caesarean sections, whether planned or carried out in an emergency, can be daunting for many women and birthing people, but Grace’s video also contains reassuring words and messages for others who may go through the same experience.

Grace even described her experience as “amazing”, and her positivity seems to be striking a chord with many, as her video has received almost 369,000 views in just five days.

Grace says:

“I created the video to share what was the most positive experience for me, and to go against the horror stories that you always seem to hear about.

“I was admitted to the ward at 7am, and in theatre by half past ten. I’d already spoken to the surgeon earlier on the ward who was able ease my worries, and within 14 minutes of the surgeon starting, I was holding my new baby in my arms.

“I was able to have skin to skin contact that’s so important for bonding, and I received lots of help from the midwives with breastfeeding. I was able to choose a song for Billy to be born to, and even though it was a caesarean section, Billy’s dad and I still got to cut the cord.

“I was discharged the following day and within just two days, I was moving around with ease and out showing my baby off to the world.

“This has been the best, most positive, amazing experience of my life. I have always been in admiration of all the amazing individuals who work within the NHS. Following my incredible experience of my Caesarean section I have a whole new level of admiration for all the doctors, midwives, nurses and nursing assistants for bringing Billy into the world safely and keeping me safe too. It was a tough journey, but these are real life superheroes.”

Grace’s video prompted much discussion too, with hundreds of people offering their congratulations and both new and expectant parents commenting just how reassuring it had been to share in her story.

“This puts me at ease. This is the same hospital I’ll be at for my elective section so thanks for sharing,” said one of her followers.

“Love how positive this was” and “I needed to see this!” said others.

Lorraine Cooper, Director of Maternity at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust says:

“It’s so wonderful to see someone like Grace sharing her positive experience at our hospital and offering reassurances to those who may be nervous or worried about an upcoming C-section.

“While there are always risks associated with this type of procedure, I’m so pleased Grace’s section went well and she’s been blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

“This is such a valuable thing for her to have done, and seeing her share her story in this way will serve as a real boost for our staff too.”

Grace’s video can be viewed in full on TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@gracejopling1/video/7295153342647455009