Loom Consultancy sets out to help businesses fly the flags of success rather than draw the curtains on failure

A 30-year construction industry professional with a track record of delivering projects from houses and health centres to schools and sports stadia has turned to a textile trade metaphor to launch a new venture which will help business owners avoid the rags and enjoy the riches.

Martin Stead will introduce Loom Consultancy to an audience of entrepreneurs and influencers at Humber Business Week.

He will outline the Loom approach to creating a strong fabric for business and, with the job title of Chief Weaver, he will demonstrate his unique diagnostics process.

Martin said: “We look at the threads within a business which will only work if they are woven together strongly and effectively, helping business owners and managers deal with the big questions facing their organisations ­– even if they arise out of the blue.

“In doing that we also explore the difference between accidental and intentional business owners and how they achieve their version of work-life balance – securing satisfactory harmony between their organisation and everything else in their life.”

Martin began his career in and around construction by joining Hull-based Sewell Group as an apprentice. He later worked for other big companies including Birse and Beal Homes, with smaller sub-contractors and in his own consultancy business before returning to Sewell Group as commercial manager of Sewell FM, the firm’s facilities management arm, and progressing to become its managing director.

At Birse, Martin had helped to build the new arena, now known as the MKM Stadium, which opened in 2002 as the home of Hull City and Hull FC. He has a lasting link with the stadium – a pair of his muddied, battered old shoes is buried near the east stand – and the venue will host his Humber Business Week event.

At Beal Homes he gained experience working to the deadlines and efficiencies around building individual houses, and at Sewell FM the focus was on maintaining the day-one quality of properties including schools and health centres built as part of successful PFI projects.

Martin said: “Each role brought experience of different elements of business, sometimes commissioning work from various links in the supply chain and on other occasions working as a supplier and sub-contractor on some major developments.

“In doing that I learned a lot about how the strengths and weaknesses in other businesses impacted the success of my organisations. That made me want to find out more about how businesses work, and what happens when they don’t.”

The Loom diagnostic which Martin has devised looks at a management team’s understanding and awareness of performance across all aspects of a business, from the established threads of marketing, customers and people to ever-changing technology and the emerging environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities.

Martin will be joined by business owners who have trialled the Loom techniques when he unveils his new business by presenting “Sustain, Scale or Sell?” on the opening day of Humber Business Week.

He said: “We’re seizing the opportunity presented by Humber Business Week to launch a new venture with a fresh approach to helping business owners recognise how much they have stuck to – or strayed from – their original entrepreneurial dream and what they should do next.

“Whether they want to sustain their business at the current level, scale it up to hit new heights or sell to reinvest or simply enjoy the fruits of their labours, the work required is essentially the same – weaving a strong business fabric to support you with a range of options.

“We’ll bring in live case studies from people in the audience to explore when and how to implement the changes that will help businesses fly the flags of success rather than draw the curtains on a failure.”

“Sustain, Scale or Sell?” will take place from 11am until midday in the Corendon Suite at the MKM Stadium in Hull on Monday 5 June, the first day of Humber Business Week. Admission is free and places can be booked at www.humberbusinessweek.co.uk