Lovell celebrates Women in Construction Week

Lovell is proudly celebrating Women in Construction Week by spotlighting key female employees shaping its Yorkshire developments. 

Marlena Przewuska

Since its launch in 1998, Women in Construction Week has championed women’s roles in the industry, with this year’s theme, ‘Keys to the Future’, emphasising women’s strength and expertise in shaping construction industries’ trajectory.

Despite the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reporting only 15% female representation in construction, Emma Morris and Marlena Przewuska of Yorkshire stand as advocates for greater female involvement. Both emphasise the need for educational initiatives to dispel industry stereotypes and encourage women to explore careers in construction.

Emma, now a Trainee Health, Safety, and Environmental Advisor, shares her journey transitioning from a Customer Service Assistant role, highlighting the unwavering support Lovell has given for her career evolution:

“I started with Lovell in their customer service department. They quickly recognised my passion for health and safety and supported my move into my new role. Working in the construction industry is challenging, but it’s also hugely rewarding, regardless of your gender. When I was at school it was always presented to me as a ‘boys only’ field so I could have never imagined myself in this role, but here I am! There needs to be more education about the opportunities available in construction regardless of your gender, so young girls can see it as an option for them.”

Emma Morris

Marlena, currently a Planning and Pre-Construction Manager, underscores the importance of inclusivity in fostering a welcoming environment for all genders:

“Diversity as a whole makes businesses stronger and creates an inclusive environment which encourages us all to do and work better together. We need to educate young women about the variety of jobs available to them within this sector from the early school days and show them that there are so many pathways for them into construction.”

In addition to promoting inclusivity, Lovell actively encourages women to apply for roles within the company and the wider industry, striving to attract, recruit, and train more female talent. Their apprenticeship scheme aims to educate young women of the opportunities available to them within Lovell and the construction industry. 

Robert Adams, Regional Managing Director, reaffirms the  commitment Lovell has to gender equality, with initiatives aimed at achieving a balanced workforce. The company’s Fairness, Inclusion, and Respect (FIR) officers ensure an equitable culture across all regions.

“Improving gender equality, diversity and inclusivity is something we are working hard towards.  It underpins our entire culture and we are proud to have more women working in our business than the industry average. Lovell has ambitious targets for our workforce to be 50/50, and with the work we’re doing to improve this, we are definitely heading in the right direction.”

To learn more about the apprenticeship programme and career opportunities at Lovell, please visit their website.