Meet Avery Ingram, the UK’s first AI employee and the world’s first AI software developer, now for hire

With a ChatGPT generated CV and a DALLE-drawn portrait currently being mailed out to 6,000 tech companies, Avery Ingram has been developed by February, the young Hull-based tech business which is going from strength to strength as it develops a broad portfolio of innovative tech products.

“As the UK’s first AI employee and the world’s first AI software developer, Avery sits within an existing tech team and provides software support by modifying existing code specified by developers,” said Ash Lewis, CEO of February.

Developed by February’s team of software and AI designers, Avery Ingram – who lists data analysis on cat videos as a hobby on her CV – has already been appointed to generative AI software support roles as a senior full-stack developer in the development teams at Graze, Propello Cloud, Fabspot and Encode Health, among others.

“Avery functions as a support role within development teams making their tasks easier by checking code and making it more efficient, and she is super-efficient, super productive and super quick.

“While we are obviously breaking new ground with Avery, this is not about taking developers’ jobs as she is there to only to modify code rather than create new code; all code will still need to be revised and the acceptance criteria written by the development team.

“As Avery herself says; ‘I am the perfect candidate to streamline (the) software development process.

“‘My biggest achievement? Developing an algorithm that reduced development time by 50%.

“‘My best qualities? Efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability.

“‘My skills? JavaScript, Python, C#, and more!'”

February has been working on Avery Ingram for the last 18 months on a slate of AI and software projects and has been making waves in the tech scene with its innovative product launches that have already included a ground-breaking AI app creator, so simple it only needs one sentence of typed text to create an app.

“It’s this kind of AI-driven simplicity of functionality that has always been our goal, providing our clients with a system of ownership that takes away the barriers within tech,” added Ash.

“Avery Ingram is the latest example of how far tech has come and shows how we can now create things very simply and cost-effectively.”

Avery Ingram’s CV is being sent out to tech development teams by the specialist employment agencies Better Placed Tech in Manchester and Real Staffing in Leeds at a monthly rate of between £1,599.00 and £12,500.00 (plus VAT) depending on the size and nature of the client.

In a separate development February has appointed Mark Kuhillow as Go-to-Market (GTM) advisor supporting its commercial and GTM activities.

Mr Kuhillow, currently Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Exchange, Manchester’s tech scale-up support scheme, was previously CEO of Single View, purchased by Awin in 2021 in a buyout that also saw Mr Kuhillow’s agency business R.O.Eye – Single View’s parent company – sold to Acceleration Partners.

“Mark has already proven to be an incredibly valuable addition to February as we look to scale up the business, develop and launch new products, access new markets and tap into additional sources of funding.”

Supported by a series of venture capital and angel investments February’s Avery Ingram is part of a growing suite of February products including an app developer which allows businesses to build their own apps using text-into-app building software so simple it only needs one sentence of typed text to create an app.