MS3 and Hull City Council support tenants with digital inclusivity

Wholesale-only fibre network operator, MS3 Networks, has made significant progress in its rollout of full fibre broadband for Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs). Through close collaboration with Hull City Council (HCC), HCC tenants living in low and medium-rise apartment blocks will access better choice in broadband provider thanks to MS3’s fibre network.

Having access to reliable, high-speed internet for work, communication and improved education opportunities is vital in today’s society with fibre fast becoming an essential utility. However, projects to support digital inclusivity often place emphasis on connecting rural communities and there are areas in towns and cities that remain overlooked.

These include MDUs, which have been a challenge to connect to high-speed internet. This is largely due to the more complex installation considerations MDUs demand and the need to work alongside landlords and housing associations who must comply with their own stringent safety standards.

MS3 Networks is tackling these challenges head on to provide more choice in broadband provider to those living in MDUs. Working closely with HCC, the company has been granted a master wayleave agreement to allow access to its MDU premises. Once connected to MS3’s network, tenants will enjoy a greater selection of broadband providers thanks to the growing number of internet service provider (ISP) partners on the network.

For decades, Hull residents have been limited to a single broadband provider and, as a result, some of the highest broadband costs in the country. Competition from the likes of MS3 Networks is turning that tide. As a wholesale network operator, MS3 has a growing list of ISP partners on its network, each offering a range of packages and prices.

“Offering access to MDUs is an important part of our strategy,” explained Jo Fleming, corporate partnerships manager at MS3 Networks. “MS3 holds a strong belief in the power of technology to bridge the digital divide and promote equal opportunities for all, and we have taken various steps to ensure that individuals from all communities benefit from the progress of the digital era. 

“Our business model works in a way that is quite unique, in that we sell directly via our multitude of wholesale partners only. What this means is that the consumer can select internet packages that are aligned to their individual bandwidth and budget needs. In addition, our wholesale partners have implemented social tariffs specifically tailored to lessen the financial burden on individuals belonging to more economically disadvantaged communities. These tariffs provide discounted rates for internet services, making them more accessible to those who would otherwise struggle to afford them.

“We strive to work with Local Authorities and MPs with their digital inclusion strategies and understand the needs of the local areas and the overall economic benefit we can bring.”

To learn more about MS3 Networks and its partner network across the Humber region, visit the website.