MS3 Networks saves households in the Hull area £1 million on broadband

Hull-based full fibre network operator, MS3 Networks, reveals the latest update on the impact of its network on consumers in its build areas. Customers who have made the switch have collectively saved a staggering £1 million over the last year, compared to if they’d remained with their previous broadband provider.

The average monthly saving for consumers opting for an internet service provider that uses MS3’s network is £15 a month, or £180 a year. Looking more broadly at every customer that has signed up in Hull to one of MS3’s providers, this equates to a huge saving of over £1 million for the city’s residents.

MS3’s network is available in Hull through more than 30 broadband partners, which offer services through the network. Residents can check the deals available to them through MS3’s price comparison tool, by simply inputting their postcode and filtering the results by package, speed and price.

As a city, Hull has historically suffered from a distinct lack of choice when it comes to broadband provider. It’s also been noted by the communications regulator Ofcom that prices have typically been higher than any other region in the UK.  On average, Hull residents have previously paid £11 a month more for their broadband than anywhere else in the UK. The savings offered by MS3 therefore not only bring prices in Hull down, but actually put them lower than the national average.  

In addition, MS3 Networks has successfully installed 550 kilometres of full fibre across the city — the same distance as travelling from our office in Hull to Paris, France. This is a significant milestone in the network’s progress, with the goal to provide coverage to the vast majority of Hull by the end of 2024.

The expansion not only improves access to affordable broadband but also brings wider economic benefits to Hull. The enhanced digital infrastructure attracts new businesses and investment, fostering growth and job opportunities in the region. An independent report by PMP Strategy, commissioned by MS3 — which looks into the impact of its network in Hull — revealed that the network could add as many as 370 jobs to the community, separate from those associated with deployment itself and add £35 million to the city’s gross domestic product (GDP).

“MS3 has existed since 2012 in order to bring a greater choice of broadband provider to the people of Hull,” explained Guy Miller, CEO of MS3. “Deploying 550 kilometres of infrastructure and saving customers over £1 million annually proves our dedication to offering cost-effective, high-quality connectivity to our community. Access to internet should not come at a premium, and these milestones are a big step towards making these services more affordable for all.”

For more information on MS3 Networks, its build plans and to see if deals are available in your area, please visit the website.