MS3 partners with Carbon Neutral Britain to achieve carbon neutrality

MS3 Networks, a leading full fibre network operator based in Hull, has announced a partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain, a renowned organisation that allows individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprints.

Through this initiative, MS3 Networks has successfully measured and offset its carbon footprint, earning certification as a Carbon Neutral Business.

In order to establish the amount of carbon to be offset, Carbon Neutral Britain accurately measured MS3’s carbon emissions through a carbon audit, completed via the ISO 14064 and GHG Emissions Protocol Accounting standards. Then, in alignment with science-based targets and UK Government sustainability goals for carbon reduction, MS3 now has a comprehensive reduction plan that sets out a roadmap to reduce its emissions and ultimately become net zero.

To offset its carbon production, MS3 Networks has invested in two carbon offsetting projects — the Climate Fund™ and the Woodland Fund™. Both projects are regulated through the Verra – Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the Gold Standard – Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER), and the United Nations – Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programmes. These are the three largest carbon offsetting standards, ensuring the measurements of carbon offsetting are as accurate as possible.

The Climate Fund™ focuses on supporting renewable projects worldwide, including wind, solar and hydro initiatives, with a particular emphasis on supporting projects that create lasting social and economic benefits in developing countries. MS3 Networks, through its verified offsetting efforts, has supported the Andes Mountains Hydroelectric power project in Chile, the Energy Efficiency Lighting project in India, the Salkhit Wind Farm in Mongolia, and the Nkhata Bay Cook Stove project in Malawi.

In addition to the Climate Fund™, MS3 Networks also contributes to the Woodland Fund™, which supports reforestation and woodland management projects. These projects prioritise enhancing local wildlife, ecology, and biodiversity. MS3 Networks has made contributions to reforestation efforts in Costa Rica, Uruguay and Southwest Australia.

“At MS3 Networks, we recognise that all businesses have a responsibility to protect the environment and build a sustainable future,” explained Rachel Brooks, compliance officer (ESG) at MS3. “Partnering with Carbon Neutral Britain and achieving certification as a Carbon Neutral Business is a significant milestone for us in the path towards net zero.”

For more information on MS3 Networks, please visit the website.