NHS Trust to launch educational platform for young people to start their careers within the NHS

As Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust prepares for the launch of an educational programme for young people aged 14-16 and 16-18, we hear from the Trust’s Chief Executive, who started her impressive career as an NHS Cadet herself.

For young people in the local area who have an interest to work in healthcare and the wider NHS, the NHS Cadets scheme is the perfect place to start. And when you learn that Michele Moran, Chief Executive at Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust began was an NHS Cadet you realise the opportunity it represents is unmissable and the possibilities ongoing.

When Michele decided she wanted to go into the competitive career of nursing at the age of 16, she knew she needed to do something that would set her apart from her peers. The NHS Cadets scheme ran alongside her A-Levels and gave the opportunity to experience a wide range of clinical and practical skills, providing an exceptional level of work experience for her to draw upon when applying for further qualifications.

Michele has since worked her way through gaining an enormous amount of experience and understanding across the board culminating in her current position as Chief Executive, although she retains her registration and makes a point of regularly going back to practice what she first fell in love with – nursing.

Starting this September, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust in association with St John Ambulance will be launching their NHS Cadets programme which runs an 11-month scheme where young people, aged 14-16 (Foundation) or 16-18 (Advanced), participate once a week in learning practical skills for a potential future career in healthcare.

This initiative is available to everyone, but in particular the Trust would welcome applications from those who would not necessarily have the same opportunities to obtain a career in healthcare and the NHS. Joining is completely free to those who qualify, making it fully inclusive to young people from all backgrounds and social situations.

The NHS Cadets programme provides an excellent level of experience to add to a young person’s CV which is hugely beneficial when it comes to applying for college, university or even future job roles. The programme is designed to fit around existing school or work commitments and only requires weekly attendance – the 14-16 provision is a mixture of virtual and face-to-face sessions and the 16-18 is purely virtual.

Offering the very best in leadership training, an expansive curriculum covering a wide range of healthcare settings, as well as informative and bespoke careers advice and support, delivered by professionals throughout the programme.

Michele added that when she was a Cadet they, “all used to wear yellow jackets when we worked in the hospitals, and we used to joke that it was so they couldn’t lose us!”. Luckily for the new set of recruits the yellow jackets have since been withdrawn but the opportunities and invaluable experience that the NHS Cadets offer young people remains and, who knows, it could include another future Chief Executive!

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust’s dedicated and friendly team urges young people across Hull, East Riding and North Yorkshire to come forward before the start date of 20 September 2023.

To sign up for this programme and become an NHS Cadet please click through to the website using the appropriate link for your young person’s age group here:

Humber NHS Cadet Foundation (14-16)

Humber NHS Cadets Advanced (16-18)

You can also find out more information by emailing the Trust’s team via hnf-tr.HYAG@nhs.net