NLG Health donates two puppies and £16k to Support Dogs

Hull-based NLG Health has donated two Labrador puppies and £16,000 to Support Dogs, the Sheffield charity which helps people with autism, epilepsy and disabilities.

Stuart Harrison, business systems coordinator, Mark Hathway, managing director of NLG Health, Karlie Wilson, puppy coordinator at Support Dogs, and Rae McGlone, director NLG Health

Harriett, a black, and Honey, a Golden Labrador, have begun their basic training with Support Dogs as part of the charity’s work with familes across the country, including in Sheffield and wider Yorkshire.

Rae McGlone, director NLG Health, said: “Support Dogs provides its services entirely free of charge and has an overwhelming demand for their work. And as they receive no government funding, donations are absolutely vital to enable them to continue and save and improve the lives of families so desperate for its support.

“And as a health business NLG Health is keenly aware of the need within society to extend help to those organisations and people who are outside the scope of normal local or national government funding, especially in the healthcare sector and in Yorkshire where we live and work.”

NLG’s donation will be used to support Harriet and Honey’s training during their first year, covering costs like food, medical and vets expenses, equipment, their training jackets and trainer costs.

Once the dogs start full training at 14 months they will do another three-to-six months training at the charity’s centre before being matched with a client they are supporting, eventually completing their final six months of training directly at the client’s home.

Danny Anderson, fundraising manager of Support Dogs, which is in its 30th anniversary year, said: “The main focus for that first 14 months is getting the puppies used to different sights, smells and sounds, including other dogs, people, children and places  such as supermarkets, public transport, dentists and cafes for when they are working as trained support dogs.

“This will help them be confident, well-rounded, happy dogs by the time they start ‘big school training’.

 “We run three specific programmes and as the puppies grow we will see what they might better suited for. Larger, calmer dogs are often better for our autism programme, dogs that are really people focused are good for our epilepsy programme, and dogs that like to be really busy and play lots are good for our disability programme. 

“But as our training is tailored specifically to the client it is also a case of the dog personality being a perfect match for the client and their life style, so we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds in store for Harriet and Honey!”

Mark Hathway, managing director of NLG Health, said: “NLG has a wide and varied commitment to good causes and fully understands how hard everyone at Support Dogs must work to make sure there are regular funds and donations coming through.

“We expect to review how we can support future fundraising efforts for Support Dogs and make additional donations.”

In addition to Support Dogs, the independently-owned NLG Health business is closely involved in other charities, in particular the Overseas Plastic Surgery Appeal (OPSA) the international children’s charity which Rae and Mark helped to establish. 

As one of the UK’s most highly accredited, framework-approved healthcare recruitment agencies and consultancies, NLG Health offers an extensive range of specialist services to the NHS, private healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals across the country.

Set up in 1992, Support Dogs is a registered charity and operates across England, Scotland and Wales.