Our Strength Is In Our Connection announces the start of Trees of Hope

Aiming to spread positivity and uplift the community during these final dark months of winter and these challenging times, Trees of Hope is a citywide community project decorating trees across Hull with symbols and messages of hope and resilience. Hope will then be turned into action; for every tree decorated, they will plant a new tree.

The ongoing global situations have undoubtedly left many feeling overwhelmed, and many would say, hopeless. Recognising the importance of fostering a sense of unity and optimism within our community and the unique role that personal crafting can play, Trees of Hope seeks to create a living canvas of encouragement. Every tree becomes a symbol of resilience, and brighter days ahead.

Some 20+ trees, both real trees and created trees, will be decorated across the city by individuals and organisations, including Back to Ours, Absolutely Cultured, Welcome House and Hull Help for Refugees, Gipsyville Library, Pearson Park, Central Library, Little Owls Nursery and Elm Tree Court, each choosing a different symbol or theme for their Tree of Hope. You can find a full list of trees and their locations at https://osiioc.wordpress.com/trees-of-hope.

For every tree decorated, local charity Down to Earth will donate a sapling tree to be planted at a tree planting event during the close of tree planting season on 24 February. These trees will then be symbols of hope for future generations.

“We chose to focus on hope, both because it seems in short supply, particularly in the winter months, and because we believe hope is essential for change,” said Miranda van Rossum, creator of the Trees of Hope project. “Hopefully these trees and their individual messages will speak to the people and communities and bring some cheer and optimism to the beginning of this year.”

Trees of Hope

Dates: 20/01/24 – 11/02/24

Organisation: Our Strength is in Our Community, a Hull-based community craft group which focuses on what unites us.

Locations: Various streets, public spaces and parks across the city of Hull. For a full list, please see the website: https://osiioc.wordpress.com/trees-of-hope/ 

Objective: To engage  communities and individuals in decorating trees with messages and symbols of hope and follow up on that by planting trees as a symbol of that hope.

For more information about the Trees of Hope project, please visit https://osiioc.wordpress.com/trees-of-hope, the Strength is in Our Connection Facebook page, or contact them at strengthinconnection2@gmail.com