Phoenix Building Systems’ new product range makes buying a modular building a breeze

Modular building manufacturer launches new product range to make it easier for schools and businesses to find a suitable building. Phoenix Building Systems’ new Breeze range was released in January 2024. 

Usually, buying or hiring directly from a modular building manufacturer is difficult for customers who are not part of the building industry. However, with Phoenix Building Systems’ new Breeze 1 range, schools across the UK can conveniently purchase or hire top-quality modular classrooms directly from a reputable manufacturer. 

The new modular classrooms make sourcing quality learning spaces a breeze. The buildings in this range have been optimised to guarantee that they will fit education needs. They can be scaled to a larger format or be made multi-storey, completely hassle-free. There is also a wide range of bespoke customisation options to ensure the appearance of your modular classroom seamlessly integrates with the rest of your premises. 

Phoenix Building Systems also has a Breeze 2 range, which offers the same level of service and ease as Breeze 1 but provides motivating office spaces instead. Breeze 2 modular offices are convenient and customisable to fit a number of business requirements.

Michael Taylor, Managing Director, said: “Our modular classrooms have been tried and tested. The pre-designed, environmentally friendly, ready-to-order classroom buildings are fit for any school. This makes the buying process a breeze.”

Phoenix Building Systems has launched a new website to simplify finding the right modular building. Straightforward navigation, more images and case studies mean customers can make sure they find a building that suits their needs. To help customers visualise their buildings, Phoenix Building Systems has also invested in an interactive augmented reality Breeze 1 classroom. Scan the QR code on the website’s home page to really get a feel for the space.

Michael added: “Scanning the QR code gives you a real opportunity to immerse yourself in your new modular building and get a real feeling for it before you buy.”

Modular buildings are a huge asset to schools and businesses alike, so the ease that the Breeze range brings to customers is hugely important. These buildings offer quick and cost-effective spacing solutions. Modular classrooms and offices are also significantly more sustainable than traditional buildings, which can improve your image, carbon footprint and energy usage.

Phoenix Building Systems is a Hull-based modular building specialist working nationwide with public and private organisations. Established in 2003, they are dedicated to delivering exceptional service every time. The new Breeze range now makes providing this level of service even simpler.