Power Hour 6 to explore digital marketing content creation

Digital marketing experts from across the region will assemble in Hull next week for the latest in the Power Hour series of events organised by 43 Clicks North (43CN).

Marisa Crimlis-Brown, Senior Client Strategist at 43CN

The event at Social, Humber Street, on Friday 31 March will bring together Leeds-based content specialists Ashley Liddell from the Sticky Eyes agency and Peter Lowes from Present Works. They will be joined by Marisa Crimlis-Brown, Senior Client Strategist at 43CN.

Previous Power Hour events have attracted nearly 100 people for a free afternoon sharing ideas and eating pizza. For Power Hour 6 the focus will be on digital content and the audience is expected to include creators from other agencies and clients who want to connect more closely with their suppliers.

Marisa, who held a number of senior marketing roles before joining 43CN in the autumn, will talk about how to persuade the people within an organisation to open up with the ideas that make great content.

Ashley, the SEO Content Lead at Sticky Eyes who has returned to the University of Hull to study for his Masters, will explore how to maximise the impact of content and how to distribute it to achieve impact on more than one channel.

Peter will draw on his experience with several leading agencies, including as Strategy Director at Present Works, which he co-founded nearly five years ago.

Marisa said: “Content is one of the biggest frustrations for most brands because it sits inside the heads of the employees but they are so busy with their own day to day jobs. The challenge is to make it easy for them to share their ideas ready to promote across social media.”

Mike Ellis, founder and Managing Director of 43CN, said Power Hour 6 will also showcase the company’s recent brand refresh as it continues build a digital community in Hull and strengthen links with partners across Yorkshire.

Mike said: “We aim to present the Power Hour every three months but we delayed this one slightly because we have refreshed our brand and that will feed into this, but in a low key way.

“It’s another stepping stone for us because we have now been going for five years and have evolved a lot. We refreshed our brand to better reflect our culture and the new aspects of performance marketing which we have brought into the business.

We drew on the views of everybody in our 20-strong team in terms of what they think of the agency, because they are the agency. It marks a turning point for us as we continue to work to put Hull on the map in the digital world, and Power Hour is also a big part of that as we bring together people from some of the top agencies in the region.”

To find out more about Power Hour 6 and to book, visit www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/576994545217