Pride in Hull sponsors Hull Roundheads Rugby Squad

Pride in Hull is delighted to announce a new sponsorship agreement with the Hull Roundheads Rugby Teams – both Union and Touch disciplines.

Aldous, Gemma and Stu

The Roundheads are proud to be Hull’s premier gay and inclusive rugby team, creating a welcoming environment for the LGBT+ community and their allies. Offering a unique blend of mixed non-contact Touch rugby and a men’s Union team for those aged 18 and above, the club is dedicated to dismantling barriers and confronting the stigma prevalent in sports towards LGBT+ individuals.

To highlight their support, Pride in Hull is a Diamond Level Sponsor, committing to a two-year partnership. This sponsorship will cover the expenses associated with both teams’ kits for the current season, featuring the Pride in Hull logo on the chest. Looking ahead, funds for the second year will be allocated to the costs of tournaments, including the Union Cup scheduled for 2025 in Oslo.

Toby Roper, Chair of Hull Roundheads, expressed his gratitude: “We are deeply thankful for Pride in Hull’s generous support. As one of our greatest advocates, the Pride team consistently promotes our cause. This sponsorship not only empowers us to reciprocate by showcasing the Pride in Hull message to a broader UK audience, but also sets the stage for our presence in Oslo next year.”

Roper continued: “Our Touch season runs from April to September, while rugby Union rugby takes the spotlight from September to April. These two games, distinct in nature, contribute to the unique character of our club. While Touch rugby eschews tackles and the combative aspects of the sport, it demands a faster pace, requiring intense cardio fitness.

“The Union team’s journey to Oslo next year is not merely a leisurely excursion for our players; it offers an unparalleled playing experience, facilitating the team’s improvement and development. We take pride in being the first International Gay Rugby (IGR) team sponsored by a local Pride event, setting rugby apart from other sports that are yet to embark on a similar journey, such as football and ice hockey.”

Gemma Prickett, a player in the Hull Roundheads Touch team, shared her personal experience: “As soon as I got involved in the first Roundheads’ Touch rugby session I knew I would be back for more. All the players and coaching staff are so warm and welcoming. From never playing rugby before, I now enjoy training each week, get to be part of an amazing team and have made so many new friends.”

Lee Pearson, Trustee of Pride in Hull and a player in the Hull Roundheads’ Union team, shared his personal experience: “I played rugby in my early teens but encountered a general toxicity within the sport, leading me to discontinue. In 2019, I discovered Hull Roundheads and decided to give it another try. The warm welcome I received pleasantly surprised me. Now, I love playing rugby again, and I’m committed to supporting the IGR game in every way possible.”

Andy Train, Chair of Pride in Hull, emphasised the profound impact of Hull Roundheads on the local LGBT+ community, saying: “Hull Roundheads provides a lifeline for many local LGBT+ individuals. Beyond the social aspect, the intense fitness regime and the shared competitive spirit are enjoyed by all. I am thrilled that Pride in Hull has become the main sponsor of the team, and I hope this paves the way for other local organisations to join us in supporting this vital initiative. Moreover, I hope we set an example for Pride events nationwide to follow suit and champion inclusivity in sports.”