Primrose House in Brough welcomes Theo Michaels

Towards the end of February, Danforth Care Homes announced its partnership with Theo Michaels. The main aim of this partnership is to introduce Theo to the world of hospitality within care and create a number of memorable dining experiences for residents.

At the start of the partnership, Theo had this to say: “Working with Danforth is an incredible opportunity to create exciting dining experiences for its residents while working with their team of incredible chefs in the world of care hospitality.”

The first event with Theo was dubbed “Round the World with Theo Michaels”. The aim is to have Theo visit every Danforth care home across the country, bringing a different cuisine to each one.

It’s not just the food that was Brazilian themed, it was the entirety of Primrose House. There were blue, yellow and green flowers displayed everywhere, Brazilian flags put up all through the home, and an array of Brazilian themed activities were planned for the afternoon, such as dancers coming in to entertain and a quiz.

There was a special reason for starting at Primrose House. In October of last year, resident Bill took it upon himself to take on the role of Resident Ambassador, with a special focus on meals and nutrition. He has since worked closely with the training team to earn his Level One Basic Food Hygiene certificate. Bill is now a regular kitchen staff member working alongside the head chef to help prepare and plate up other residents’ meals.

During the preparation for this event, Bill was an integral part of the planning, sitting down with Andi (General Manager) and Theo on Teams calls to discuss what cuisine will fit best with other residents’ palates and working closely alongside all the kitchen staff on the day of the event.

As Danforth Care Homes continues this project with Theo, they will be collecting all of the recipes and capturing fond memories to put in a recipe/memory book. This will allow residents to enjoy all the different dishes shared across the homes long after the visit has taken place.

Andi, the General Manager of Primrose House, said: “It’s a privilege to bring experiences like today to our residents. Theo and the kitchen team have worked so hard to bring authentic Brazilian cuisine to the home, and our lifestyle team have really gone the extra mile to bring in Brazilian entertainment. The abundance of smiles on residents’ faces proves what a massive success today has been.”