Rollits organises training session for World Menopause Day

With World Menopause Day taking place on Wednesday 18 October, we had a chat with the local law firm about its dedicated menopause training for managers and HR professionals.

Caroline Neadley is a Partner within the specialist Employment team at Rollits. Back in June, she delivered a menopause training event that was so well received it was decided to repeat the session on World Menopause Day itself.

“Our first event offered a really in-depth insight into the menopause and how it can affect employees in the workplace,” said Caroline. “The information and advice shared by Rollits focused on the legal perspective and employers’ obligations to their employees. This was complemented by clinical guidance from Tracey Dennison from East Riding Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic. Tracey is a nationally recognised expert in her field and a member of the British Menopause Society, the International Menopause Society and the British Society for Lifestyle Medicine, and an Associate of the Newsome Health Menopause Society.

“These training sessions are aimed at helping employers to understand both aspects, as there’s often a lack of knowledge around the medical symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause and how it can affect employees in the workplace. This can lead to female professionals leaving their jobs as a result of their menopause symptoms and a lack of support. Our aim is to educate and support managers and HR professionals around the many symptoms so that they are able to support their employees.”

This training event will prove invaluable to businesses that either don’t have HR professionals in place or wish to build on their knowledge of how the menopause can affect employees at work. Taking place at Rollits’ offices on the High Street, it will help attendees to create in-depth policies, embed cultural best practice, and understand how to fully support employees who are experiencing the menopause.

“The training is very much for men too,” said Caroline. “The menopause is often called ‘the last workplace taboo’, but companies need to feel comfortable and confident when discussing it. We’re here to provide the information and tools to support female employees, including those of a younger age who are going through perimenopause.”

Both Caroline and Tracey are trained Menopause Advocates and this training session is CPD accredited, which means that attendees will leave with a certificate recognising their newly gained knowledge.

Caroline explained: “Tracey and I share the view that it’s hugely beneficial to have both a legal and a clinical understanding of the menopause. Rollits’ training is unique in that we ensure both aspects are addressed in detail to help managers improve their company culture. This training will really set your business apart, as it explains how to embed learning, support employees, and introduce policies at a detailed level. Together we can break the cultural barrier that still exists about the menopause.”

The UK has an ageing workforce and even more women in the future will work to an older age. Without menopause training, there’s a significant risk of businesses losing skilled professionals unnecessarily due to an absence of sustainable employability models.

“The lack of understanding of the impact of menopause is starting to be seen in legal cases,” added Caroline. “Employees do have an expectation that employers should be supporting them. Businesses are becoming subject to claims and there is an increasing number of employment tribunal cases linked to the menopause, so it’s crucial that businesses are proactive and equip their managers with the right skills and knowledge to support their employees.”

Menopause Training for Managers and HR Professionals is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to large companies. The training event takes place on Wednesday 18 October from 9am to 12noon and places can be booked through the Rollits website.