Rollits to host Humber Business Week event on corporate culture

Humber Business Week is on the horizon and local law firm Rollits is all set to host a fascinating event about why corporate culture matters.

Harry Rix, Diana Taylor and Caroline Neadley

Caroline Neadley is a Partner in the Employment team at Rollits and plays an important role in our local business community. As the current Vice-Chair of Women in Business and all set to become its Chair in 2024, Caroline has tons of insight to share when it comes to employment law, best practice, workplace wellbeing, and many other business-related topics. Next week, as part of Humber Business Week, Caroline will be joined by Harry Rix of The Rix Group and Diana Taylor from Future Humber to lead a free event that explores corporate culture, why it matters, and how to build it.

“Rollits has always hosted an event during Humber Business Week,” said Caroline. “It’s a valuable opportunity for us to work with local businesses in the area and deliver useful advice in a vibrant setting. There are all kinds of great events taking place that week, which will cover a diverse range of insightful topics.”

Humber Business Week launches on Monday 5 June at the MKM Stadium and culminates with The Business Day at Bridlington Spa on Friday 9 June. Throughout the week there will be numerous talks, Q&As and workshops taking place both in-person at a range of venues and also online, giving people based in the Humber region and all around the world the opportunity to get involved.

Our event takes place at The Deep on Tuesday 6 June at 3pm, with Rollits and Rix sharing thoughts, ideas and advice on why corporate culture is so crucial in our businesses,” explained Caroline. “The two companies are deeply rooted in the region’s heritage, as Rollits was founded in 1841 and Rix dates back to 1873. Both businesses began in the Victoria era and are stronger than ever thanks to corporate cultures that have evolved over time. Corporate culture is what drives our strategies and Rollits as a whole to deliver the best possible service, which is a core value shared by everyone at Rix.”

Caroline will also talk about the relevancy of employment law during this event, including how inclusivity within teams and accountability within the workplace are vital to building a healthy corporate culture. Harry Rix will focus on their work environments, where many different business can flourish and their people are given every opportunity to thrive.

“Every employee has a degree of responsibility in a company’s success,” added Caroline. “We’re all custodians of the business we work for and an important part of its ongoing journey. The partners at Rollits, past and present, have worked tirelessly  to help ensure that Rollits is around in another 100 years by supporting a collaborative and innovative workplace that’s focused on a corporate culture of business growth, personal development and wellbeing.”

There are around 30 events taking place during Humber Business Week, so we asked Caroline for a few recommendations. She said that she’s particularly looking forward to the following sessions:

“Humber Business Week is a fantastic chance to network with other businesses in the area,” said Caroline. “Many of the events are free and there’s the opportunity to channel into a wide range of insight and expert advice. Pat Coyle, our Director of Marketing and Client Relations at Rollits, will become the Chair of Humber Business Week in 2024, so it’s a very exciting year and we can’t wait to be involved again.”

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, HR director, manager, or simply want to know more about how to create a positive work environment, make sure to attend ‘Corporate Culture – Why it matters and how to build it’ on Tuesday 6 June.