RSPCA Hull and East Riding charity shop debuts in Hessle

In celebration of the RSPCA’s bicentennial year, the community of Hessle welcomes the grand opening of the RSPCA Hull and East Riding Charity Shop on Saturday 30 March. Nestled on Prestongate, the newly unveiled shop boasts a striking kingfisher blue exterior, a symbolic hue mirroring the charity’s dedication to protecting and rescuing animals for over two centuries.

Deborah Start – Shop Manager, RSPCA Hessle

This milestone is more than a retail venture; it’s a tribute to the profound legacy of compassion that has woven through the region. With historical ties to Hessle’s own William Wilberforce, a key figure in the RSPCA’s inception, the opening signifies a renewed commitment to animal welfare within the community.

The benefits of shopping in a charity shop

  • Supporting a cause: Every purchase directly contributes to the welfare of animals in need, helping to fund vital rescue operations, medical care, and rehoming initiatives.
  • Environmental impact: By shopping second-hand, patrons reduce their carbon footprint, promoting sustainability and ethical consumption.
  • Treasure trove of finds: From unique vintage pieces to everyday essentials, charity shops offer an eclectic array of goods at affordable prices, catering to diverse tastes and budgets.

The impact of the RSPCA Rescue Centre in the East Riding

Located within the heart of the East Riding, the RSPCA rescue centre serves as a beacon of hope for countless animals in distress. Through dedicated efforts and unwavering commitment, the centre strives to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, mistreated and neglected animals, providing them with a second chance at life. As part of its vision, the centre reaches into the community to educate on responsible pet ownership, fostering a culture of compassion and empathy towards all creatures. In the past few years, its mission to facilitate adoptions and connect loving families with deserving furry companions has been consuming.

Deb, the Shop Manager, expressed her enthusiasm for the new venture, stating: “I am thrilled to meet the wonderful community of Hessle and share in our collective dedication to animal welfare. Together, we can make a real difference.”

Fred Owen, Chief Executive, highlighted the profound impact of the shop: “The opening of our charity shop not only provides opportunities for the community but also generates crucial income for our rescue centre. With over 400 animals rehomed annually, every purchase made at the shop directly supports our mission to provide a better future for these animals.”