Songwriter Emma Pottage to release her debut single ‘By My Side’ on Friday 24 June

Emma is currently a student at Hull College on the first year of her Foundation Degree in Music Performance.

Artwork – IO Music Group. Photography – Tone Broomfield.

Speaking on the IO Music Group podcast over on Patreon, Emma discusses her new single, her songwriting process, learning music production and living in London:

“This is a recent song that I’ve written; I’ve been influenced by artists such as James Arthur, Jason Mraz and Ed Sheeran. I really wanted to go for that pop style of song. I’ve always written very personal songs and like singer-songwriter stuff, I’m really enjoying country music at the minute. This track is a pop ballad really. It’s about a special night with a special person and you don’t want that night to end.”

For this track, Emma had the help of Craig Steer, who helped with both the arrangement and production.

“I call him one take Craig. He’s so quick at getting things done. He’s made the whole thing sound so good.”

‘By My Side’ by Emma Pottage is available from Friday 24 June 2022 on all platforms. You can listen to the IOMG Podcast here.