The Manfreds: 60th Anniversary Celebration Tour

Legendary pioneers of Rhythm and Blues in the UK, The Manfreds (formerly known as Manfred Mann) have announced a comprehensive UK tour, celebrating a remarkable 60 years as one of Britain’s most respected bands.

A massive part of the 60s British Invasion, The Manfreds’ music still retains a timeless quality some sixty years on. As well as celebrating the band’s 60th anniversary, this tour will also mark the last opportunity for fans to see both original frontmen, Paul Jones and Mike D’Abo, on tour together. Joining Mike and Paul is original guitarist Tom McGuinness along with longstanding Manfreds members Rob Townsend on drums, Marcus Cliffe on bass and Simon Currie on saxophone/flute.

The band originally ran from 1962 until 1969 – defining the decade with their unique sound. Reforming as The Manfreds in 1991, the band have carried on performing together ever since for over thirty years.

Fans can expect many of the much loved hits, including Pretty Flamingo, 5-4-3-2-1, The One In The Middle, Come Tomorrow, Sha La La, Ha Ha! Said The Clown, My Name Is Jack, Fox On The Run, Mighty Quinn and Do Wah Diddy Diddy, one of the most popular and instantly recognisable songs of the decade and still the biggest audience pleaser at their concerts.

Alongside these classic chart toppers, The Manfreds will showcase a few Paul Jones / Mike d’Abo / Tom McGuinness solo hits, plus a few surprise renditions of their favourite rhythm ‘n’ blues numbers from over the years

Ahead of the tour, Tom said: “It’s sixty years ago this December that I joined Manfred Mann and thirty years and more since we got together for a one-off gig to celebrate my 50th birthday, with no idea that it would lead to a long-term reunion. How lucky I feel to be once again on stage making music with The Manfreds.”

Paul added: “What’s this? Our Diamond Jubilee? Wow! People say to me, ‘I bet you never dreamed you’d still be doing this after all these years/decades’, but the truth is that I always believed I’d be out here doing what I do until – and well beyond – this age. The only thing I didn’t know was that I’d still be a Manfred, and (as Mike d’Abo frequently points out) we’ve got Tom McGuinness to thank for that. This tour is indeed a celebration: of the longevity of a concept that came together over a long time – and mostly of its own accord.”

Mike commented: “I first became aware of Manfred Mann’s reputation with 5-4-3-2-1 storming up the charts, Paul Jones oozing youthful confidence, the band – with a hint of academia about them – had a unique appeal. Little did I know that, in a couple of years , I’d be joining them as Paul’s replacement. What an incredible thrill and honour that was! Well… the good news is that The Manfreds are still doing it! Yes, we’re all back together again – Paul Jones, myself & Tom McGuinness – belting out the hits we created all those years ago. What an amazing survival story.“

The Manfreds will perform at Hull City Hall on Wednesday 4 October 2023. Tickets are available here.