The smartwatch behind the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

A surge of success for women’s football.

Women’s football has exploded in popularity over the last twelve months. In the UK in particular, grassroot clubs have reported huge growth with new attendees citing the Lionesses – England’s national female football squad – as their inspiration. This increased interest was sparked by the team’s success in last year’s UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, a run of victories that culminated in the competition win when they beat Germany 2-1 at Wembley Stadium.

Following the success of last year’s tournament, the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup was forecast to have record viewing numbers of over 2 billion. The single match between the USA and The Netherlands had a record-breaking viewership, and the final between Spain and England had a widespread international audience both in person and via the televised showing. These viewing numbers demonstrate a worldwide interest in women’s football that is showing no sign of waning.

Leading watchmaker Hublot was the Official Timekeeper for the tournament. As well as displaying the countdown clock for each match on enormous watch-shaped boards, each of the 107 officials was wearing the new Hublot Big Bang e Gen 3. Providing the referees, assistant referees and video match officials with the same watch ensured precise and co-ordinated timekeeping throughout.

These watches were also given special functions such as the ability to track yellow cards and any extra time added to the length of the match. Fans who also wear the new Hublot smartwatch had access to a special App which let them follow along in the same way.

The Big Bang e Gen 3

Hublot’s first smartwatch

The latest model to join the extensive collection of Hublot watches, the Big Bang e Gen 3 is the flagship smartwatch for the brand. The timepiece is powered by Wear OS by Google and has a range of special features, each of which has been included in order to make the Big Bang Connected collection the ideal fitness accessory.

While it has become strongly linked with football due to Hublot’s association with the sport, this connected watch is suitable for a variety of athletic endeavours. Whether you want to kick a ball, hit the gym, or take part in exhilarating water-sports, this watch is the perfect companion.

Special fitness features

The Hublot Big Bang e Gen 3 is designed to track your health and wellbeing as you go, aiding you in planning and achieving your personal fitness goals.

The Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) records your pulse, helping you work within your target heart rate zone which will improve your cardiorespiratory endurance over time. It also stops you exceeding your maximum limit for your heart rate, ensuring that you are exercising safely.

The Big Bang e Gen 3 also comes with an accelerometer that tracks your pace and a gyroscope which helps you keep a handle on your orientation. Those who love indulging in underwater activities will be delighted to learn that this smartwatch is also water resistant to 30 metres.

Other special functions

In addition to the deliberately designated fitness features, this watch has other special functions which will also aid you in your workouts and day-to-day life.

The ALS – Ambient Light Sensor – changes the brightness of the screen depending on the light conditions you are in, giving your clear visibility at all times. There is also an in-built DC Motor which provides vibration, particularly useful if you are timing yourself during a fitness programme.

The essential connectivity requirements of a smartwatch have been incorporated into the design as well, including WiFi, Bluetooth capabilities, and GPS.