Theatre show will celebrate the Humber’s fishing industry

Sugar Punch is a disability-led and LGBT-led theatre company based in Manchester and Newcastle. After a successful run of GRIMM last year, this month they’re performing the show at two venues in Hull.

Hull is no stranger to theatre shows about the fishing industry, but GRIMM brings a fresh perspective to a topic that means so much to so many.

The writer of GRIMM, Evangeline Henderson, who also performs in the show, told us a bit more about what to expect:

GRIMM is a play about the fishing industry in my hometown of Grimsby during 1961, at the end of the first of the three Cod Wars. I grew up on fishing stories told by my grandad, who was a fisherman from the ages of 15 to 60. There’s so much heart and soul to them.

“As I got older, I came to realise that there isn’t a lot of awareness around the dangers of the fishing industry. The fact is that you’re 115 times more likely to have an injury at sea than in any other profession. I felt that it was time to talk about the topic in an authentic way. GRIMM doesn’t glorify anything, it simply tells the truth.

“For instance, we’ve done some additional R&D with the wives of fishermen to find out about their experiences whilst their husbands were at sea. They had it tough too, especially with kids to look after, so elements of these stories have been incorporated into the show.”

Gina Ruffin, co-founder of Sugar Punch and the producer of the show,said: “GRIMM is the most authentic way to describe the fishing industry in one night. It’s a hard-hitting show that explores the pub fights, the heartache and some of the darker relationships, but there’s also camaraderie, tons of laughs, and a shared celebration of a long heritage.”

“The show has a lot of balls,” added Evie. “It’s loud, in your face, and designed to give people a top night out. There are two performances in Hull – one is a community showing at Rayners pub on Hessle Road, where Hull’s fishing community has been drinking for generations. This is a free to enjoy and there’ll be refreshments afterwards, so places are limited.

“Then we have a performance at Polar Bear on Spring Bank. There’s a DJ set following the show and we’ll be throwing the biggest bloody party Hull has ever seen!”

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Photography: Isaac Johnson – Behind The Eyez

GRIMM: Show information and tickets

The Rayners

325 Hessle Road, Hull

Tuesday 12 March, 5pm

Community showing (limited number of free tickets)

Polar Bear

229 Spring Bank, Hull

Saturday 16 March, 8pm

Tickets: £12 each + £1.01 booking fee per ticket

Book your tickets here.