Tuck Into: The new food delivery app exclusive to Hull

Tuck Into, a new food delivery app currently exclusive to Hull, is aiming to make food delivery more affordable for restaurants and customers.

The app, launched in April 2023 and founded by Callum MacInnes, offers a commission rate of just 10%, with no setup fees, a local support team, a free POS tablet and printer for taking orders, and weekly payments to restaurants. Tuck Into hopes to disrupt the way food delivery is done, starting in its hometown of Hull.

The Tuck Into app is designed to make food delivery simple and affordable for local restaurants. With a user-friendly interface and a seamless ordering process, customers can easily order their favourite meals from a variety of local restaurants, with the option for pickup or delivery.

One of the key features of Tuck Into is its commission rate of just 10%. This is significantly lower than many other food delivery apps on the market, which can charge up to 30% commission in some cases. Tuck Into also offers another option for those restaurants taking a large volume of orders, which sets the commission to 0% for a monthly fee of £200. By offering a more affordable commission rate, Tuck Into aims to help local businesses maximise their profits and grow their customer base.

In addition to its low commission rate, Tuck Into also provides a local support team to assist restaurants with any issues they may encounter. The team is available to help restaurants with everything from menu updates to technical support, ensuring that restaurants can focus on providing great food and great service to their customers.

To make the ordering process even simpler for restaurants, Tuck Into provides a free POS tablet and printer for taking orders. This eliminates the need for restaurants to invest in expensive hardware or software, making it even easier for them to start offering food delivery to their customers.

Finally, Tuck Into offers weekly payments to restaurants, providing them with a reliable and predictable source of income. This can be particularly helpful for small businesses that may be struggling to manage their cash flow.

“We’re thrilled to launch Tuck Into in our hometown of Hull,” said its founder, Callum MacInnes. “We believe that our low commission rate will make it easy and affordable for local restaurants to offer food delivery to their customers. We’re committed to supporting local businesses in Hull and helping them to grow and succeed. There’s no reason any restaurant should be paying up to 30% commission per order.”

Restaurants interested in signing up for Tuck Into can follow Tuck Into on social media @tuckintoapp or email join@tuckinto.app