University of Hull’s Humber Science Festival brings activities, excitement and shows to campus

The University of Hull is hosting the ever-popular Humber Science Festival which is set to dazzle guests from across the region.

Hosted and organised by the University of Hull, this extravaganza of scientific exploration and innovation welcomes members of the public and visitors of all ages in an event that brings together enthusiasts, researchers and scientists.

The festival runs from 7-10th September and includes a spectacular projection onto the outside of The Deep after dusk (Thursday 7 to Saturday 9 September).

‘The Compass’ will take centre stage as an immersive experience for all to enjoy during the festival. This goes beyond a traditional installation, as it’s a cutting-edge projection mapped masterpiece which will be highlighted onto the side of The Deep. It was first commissioned by the British Science Association for the British Science Festival in Leicester in 2022 and it has now made its way to the Humber Science Festival to dazzle the crowds.

Professor Mark Lorch said: “This festival will inspire and celebrate curiosity, with an incredible lineup of activities, shows and thought-provoking workshops.

“We’ve run the Festival in the past and it’s always proven to be extremely successful, popular and well-loved, with people visiting from all over the region to marvel at the scientific explorations. It’s a festival which can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, with activities and seriously impressive showcases taking place throughout the few days.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing attendees explore everything available in this year’s festival, as it’s bigger than ever before.

“Whether you’re a budding science fan or you’re experienced in the field, this festival is open to everyone who is looking for an unparalleled scientific experience.”

Most of the weekend events will take place on the University of Hull campus and over 30 science and technology organisations from the local region will be present. This includes Drax, Smith and Nephew, Centrica, The Deep and the Maritime Museum. 

Alongside the University, these business partners will allow visitors to experience first hand the marvels of modern scientific advancements. From exploring renewable energy with Drax to delving into cutting-edge medical innovations with Smith and Nephew, the festival will provide entertainment from start to finish.

Headlining the Humber Science Festival for 2023 is Stefan Gates with his ‘Rude Science Show’ which explores the human body’s imperfections and embarrassing quirks. For the maths lovers, Rob Eastway’s Venn Maths lecture on the ‘Maths of Sport’ is sure to be a hit.

While the event provides everything you could possibly think of to explore the world of science during the day, it doesn’t stop there. As the sun sets, The Deep will transform before our eyes as ‘The Compass’ will be projected onto the side.

The Compass is just one part of the festival, but is an aspect that will certainly be remembered by attendees for years to come. The Compass show will begin after dusk at The Deep, Hull, on each of the 3 days of the festival (Thursday 7 September to Saturday 9 September).

To see a preview of The Compass, which explores scientific research and the profound effect it has had on our lives, watch the sneak preview below. The Compass was commissioned by the British Science Festival, created by Illuminos, and produced by event production specialists, Inspirate.

To join the unforgettable celebration of science and technology and to learn more about the event schedule and ticket details, visit here.