With food as top entertainment, nearby restaurant wins Britain’s top noodle takeaway

It’s something of a modern phenomenon, but food has become a top source of entertainment over the last decade or so. Of course, there has long been cooking programming, particularly in a teaching format, but now it’s become more of a spectacle, with travel, drama, and game show formats muscling in to popularise food.

It goes further than TV shows, too, with high-intensity kitchens being the topic of movies and eye-catching creations being the stars of the show in online casino gaming. Now, a nearby restaurant has climbed to the top of this new food entertainment fascination, winning the crown of Britain’s Top Noodle Takeaway.

Great food makes for great viewing

When framed as something holidaymakers and travellers talk about, it’s not that much of a leap to see food as entertainment. People always talk about food being the best part of their trips, so it translates into quick-taste entertainment. That’s epitomised by the online casino at Paddy Power Games, which features Sweet Success, Hot Hot Chilli Pot, and Donuts. In these games, it’s all about the food, giving that same burst of excitement that comes when eating sweets, doughnuts, or even a hot chilli pot. Online casino slots are an ideal platform for a variety of the most popular themes and as people love these foods, even the images and animations of them deliver entertainment as a result.

In the most popular food and drink television shows per YouGov Rankings, game shows or competition shows appear as the most popular, with MasterChef and The Great British Bake Off being top of the pile. Then come the dramas, particularly Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares in the UK and US. As well as these, the likes of Rick Stein and Ainsley Harriott going to Europe and the Caribbean to explore different cuisines have proven popular.

Humberside’s Sumo Pan Asian claims a TV crown

While there have been several top-class food movies that have come out in recent years – such as Burnt, Boiling Point, and Chef – it’s foodie TV shows that continue to rule the roost. Recently, BBC Two concluded its new Britain’s Top Takeaways with a battle between noodle joints. It saw nationally top-rated shops from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Swansea, Leeds, and Beverley serve up their dishes for judgement.

Representing Humberside from Beverley, it was Gary and Scott from Sumo Pan Asian that stole the show. Their dish of choice was their Thai red tofu curry, but the star of the show, as the episode title would suggest, was the noodles. Precisely cut to five millimetres, the noodles were called “perfection.” By the end of the battle, it was the Beverley takeaway claiming the crown, with the Leeds competitors in second place.

Perhaps not even ten years ago, a show about battling takeaways would have been laughed away by producers, but now, it gets an eight-episode run and is rather captivating. Food is now entertainment, and the Sumo Pan Asian takeaway will have earned a slice of fame as a result.