World’s first holographic jukebox premiering at Bransholme

Internationally acclaimed multimedia artists Davy and Kristin McGuire are debuting their latest creation in their hometown of Hull.

Co-commissioned and produced by Arts Council-funded Creative People and Places project’ Back to Ours, the multi-award-winning husband and wife creative team Studio McGuire have created a never-before-seen interactive holographic jukebox.

Hull audiences have been the first to experience the jukebox, currently premiering at Bransholme’s  North Point Shopping Centre.

Hologram Jukeboxis another world’s first for the couple after they created The Icebook, the world’s first projection mapped pop up book, which has toured over 60 art festivals, conferences and art galleries around Europe, America and Asia.

Renowned for their idiosyncratic experiments in digital projection and storytelling, the couple’s latest work turns films of artists’ performances into holograms. Visitors are invited to put a bespoke token into the physical jukebox, choose their performer and watch them ‘come to life’ with a 3D performance inside the top of the jukebox.

Dancer Kristin herself appears alongside poet Dean Wilson, ‘codhead skank’ party band Bud Sugar, Elvis impersonator Memphis Pete, burlesque performer Millie Dollar, rap/grime artist Chiedu Oraka and musician Dyr Sister, plus Australian circus group Casus Circus.

The jukebox is hosted at Back to Ours’ Bransholme Chat, a multi-functional space in the shopping centre which comprises a front room for drop-in chat and a back room for exhibitions, workshops, gigs and theatre shows.

Louise Yates, director of Back to Ours, said:

“The whole ethos of Back to Ours is to bring art to people’s doorsteps so when we went into lockdown, we went one step further and actually took art right into people’s homes. From Zoom quizzes, drama workshops and community hub meetings to live music, opera, circus and bedtime stories, we’ve continued to delight and excite our audiences virtually throughout the pandemic.

“Now, as restrictions ease, we’ve enjoyed welcoming people back into our Bransholme Chat shop to  for a live in-person experience featuring some very familiar Hull faces.”

Davy and Kristin McGuire set up Studio McGuire in Bristol before moving to Hull after falling in love with the people of the city during Hull UK City of Culture 2017. They first gave Hull audiences a taste of their magic during City of Culture when they created Micropolis, a cardboard mini metropolis with tiny hotels, restaurants, shops and houses built inside a disused pumping station. The couple were also behind Still Lives, a series of stunning fairy tale-inspired sound and light installations in three empty shops in Hull the following year as part of Absolutely Cultured’s Urban Legends: Northern Lights project.

Davy said: “Hologram Jukebox is a retro jukebox that allows the audience to select a musical, poetry, burlesque, or circus performance. The idea is that instead of hearing a song when you push a button on our jukebox you’ll see the artist perform for you inside the box. It brings 3D theatre performances to everyday settings.

Kristin added: “We loved the idea of a modern take on something nostalgic. It’s important for us to make things that people can already relate to. It gives our audiences a cultural reference before we start to dazzle them with the smoke and mirrors of technology.”

Having previously wowed audiences with large-scale experiences, such as theatre show Howl’s Moving Castle and the immersive A Night at the Mansion at Harewood House, Hologram Jukebox is a more intimate affair.

Kristin explains: “Smaller audiences and more intimate projects allow us to cater to a spectator on more of a personal level. The audience is often closer to the work which allows us to incorporate much more detail into the projections themselves.”

Hologram Jukebox will be at North Point Shopping Centre in Hull until Friday 4 June. Advance bookings required by emailing