Absolutely Cultured’s autumn season explores themes of identity and the environment

Absolutely Cultured’s autumn programme offers a diverse look at the region, its people, heritage and the environment between October and December 2023.

Humber Street Gallery’s exhibition programme begins with PERCHES AND FLYAWAYS by Creative Connections Artists with Jennifer Holtridge and Juneau Projects which opens on Friday 20 October in Space 1. This new exhibition, commissioned by Humber Street Gallery, saw Artlink Hull deliver a series of workshops pairing local artists with Disabled communities to explore creative processes and improve wellbeing. Working with artist Jennifer Holtridge and artist-duo Juneau Projects, the participants created a collection of ceramic bird sculptures, focusing on species which are becoming rare in the Humber’s environment, either due to changes in habitat or the bird’s behavior.  

A number of evocative species, such as the Night Heron, the Shelduck and Ringed Plover, visited the location in the past. However, their numbers are declining in the area. The ceramic sculptures inspired by these bird breeds will be central to the installation and will form part of an engaging display showcasing the species within depictions of their habitats.  

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of public events that explore the work in more detail. This includes a free Exhibition Launch Party on Thursday 19 October, an Artist Talk with Juneau Projects on Wednesday 15 November, and An Evening with Critical Fish on Wednesday 22 November. There will also be a Thursday Late event with poet Dean Wilson on Thursday 26 October. This event will see Dean reveal a special commissioned poem in response to the exhibition and perform some of his work gathered in the collections Take Me Up The Lighthouse and Sometimes I’m So Happy I’m Not Safe On The Streets.

From Friday 3 November, Space 2 at Humber Street Gallery will be home to the INTER_Change showcase 22/23 exhibition. This group show will present work produced by artists who have been supported as part of our INTER_CHANGE talent development programme. Over the past 12 months, the group have supported each other to collaborate, learn and consider the challenges and opportunities that arise in relation to being an early-career artist.  

Working across a range of art-forms including painting, sculpture, performance, moving image, poetry, music and installation, the INTER_CHANGE Showcase 22/23 presents a cross section of new work being created by some of Hull’s most promising artistic talent. The themes explored within the work are diverse yet universal and touch upon identity, storytelling, activism and our relationship with the natural world. 

The exhibition kicks off with an Exhibition Launch Party on Thursday 2 November and there will be an opportunity to see new performance work by artists taking part in the INTER_CHANGE programme at INTER_CHANGE Live on Saturday 2 December. This day-long event is an opportunity to meet the artists and explore their showcase via a vibrant schedule of exhibition tours, workshops, discussions and performances.

Our work at Gipsyville Library with local residents will see the “Do You Know Who I Am?” project, facilitated by Alison Ollerhead continue. The project invites participants to examine their identity and what makes them who they are. This includes their family background and heritage, the city of Hull and it’s history, the local environment and how this all links together.

The project provides the opportunity for the residents of Gipsyville to learn new art skills across different mediums and exploring different themes. Through autumn and winter there will be a focus on the international links that Hull has with other areas of Europe. Researching, creating and gaining knowledge together, in the build up to a Christmas celebration for the area.

In addition to the exhibition programme and accompanying events, Humber Street Gallery will also be hosting a diverse range of wider events and activities.

The Our Strength is in our Connection community crafting project, organised by Miranda van Rossum and Hanna Lutkin, will be displaying the culmination of the project in the gallery’s stairways from Tuesday 17 October. The project was centred around the question ‘What keeps you going?’ and saw participants across Hull and beyond contributing a link to a collaborative ‘paper’ chain that responds to the question “what keeps you going and why?”. A sharing event at the gallery will see Miranda and Hanna explaining how the project has been realised and participants’ will be sharing their stories live.

Diasporas Now opens up conversations around displaced identities and celebrates solidarity and connection across different diasporas. Taking place on 23 and 24 November, the event will see five performance artists presenting their work that explores these themes.

In addition to this artistic programme, the popular Sound Bath continues every four weeks. These are adult-only sessions that open with a guided meditation before moving into a deeply relaxing soundscape, creating a deep sense of wellbeing and calm.

Tickets for all Humber Street Gallery events can be booked via the Absolutely Cultured website: absolutelycultured.co.uk/humberstreetgallery.

To find out more about Absolutely Cultured’s work, including all of the above, please visit their website at absolutelycultured.co.uk and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @AbsCultured.