You’ll be perfectly safe in our ‘Scissorhands’

Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures delivers blades of glory in their dance theatre production of the classic Tim Burton movie Edward Scissorhands at Hull New Theatre next spring.

Featuring the hauntingly beautiful music of Danny Elfman and Terry Davies, Bourne and his New Adventures Company breathes new life into this witty, bittersweet story of an incomplete boy left alone in a strange new world.

This international sensation has carved a place in the hearts of audiences since its premiere in 2005 and is now set for a debut in Hull from 23–27 April 2024.

In a castle high on a hill lives Edward; a boy created by an eccentric inventor. When his creator dies, he is left alone and unfinished with only scissors for hands until a kind woman invites him to live with her suburban family.

Can Edward find his place in the well-meaning community which struggles to see past his curious appearance to the innocence and gentleness within?

Tickets are on sale now via the Hull City Hall Box Office on 01482 300 306 or at