CATCH Skills achieves milestone with £1 million in sales

CATCH Skills, a leading technical training provider for the chemical and process-based industries, is proud to announce that the department has reached a significant milestone in surpassing £1 million in sales for the first time in its history.

CATCH launched the commercial short course department of the business, CATCH Skills, in 2017. Since then the growth has been exponential, from delivering 296 courses in the first year, to over 1,000 courses in the last financial year. The journey has seen over 15,000 delegates trained in that time, the majority of which has been for CATCH member employers and its associated supply chain.

This landmark moment underlines CATCH’s commitment to delivering high-quality training solutions for industry to ensure employers’ workforces have got the right level of skilled and competent staff. The £1m is of sales year-to-date from April to December 2023, which still leaves the final quarter of the financial year to hit an even bigger target.

This year has seen the CATCH Skills delivery team cover the whole of the UK delivering courses on clients’ sites, including trips to Scotland, Isle of Man, Wales and all four corners of England, illustrating the wider demand for the range of technical provision delivered in the industry.

The achievement is testament to the Skills team’s approach to delivering training, as well as the strong partnerships that have been forged with employers, including a number of managed training service contracts where CATCH Skills manages and coordinates an employer’s whole training and competency plan and matrix.

Skills Account Manager, Holly Goodwin, said: “This achievement is a testament to our team members’ hard work, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence over the last eight months. It’s moments like these that make me so proud to be part of such an amazing group of individuals!

“Our team will continue to drive and excel, whilst adding to, improving, and enhancing our training provision to support our customers further. We’re excited for the challenges and achievements that lie ahead. Thank you to all our amazing clients. Your continued support has played a crucial role in our success.”

Head of Training Delivery, Mark Booth, said: “This is a massive achievement and reflects the hard work across the department – delivering a quality service. Our CATCH Skills team ethos is unsurpassed.

“Through unwavering dedication, collective brilliance, and a shared vision, our team has not only met but surpassed the £1 million sales milestone. Together, we’ve turned aspirations into accomplishments, and this success reflects our united strength towards a common goal. Here’s to the power of teamwork and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.”

Chief Commercial Officer, James McIntosh, said: “It is such an incredible achievement that CATCH Skills has become a £1m department in its own right. When I joined the business in May 2017, we had no trainer, and a small support staff, so for the business to now be hitting £1m worth of training revenue in that time, with a pandemic in the middle, shows how much progress has been made.

“I am so proud of the whole team and would like to thank them for all of their hard work to get CATCH Skills into such a good position. It is exciting to see where CATCH Skills goes next as our industry embarks on a journey to net zero, which will require more skilled workers than ever before, with an expected increased training demand in the Humber region of up to 22,000 roles before 2050.”