Significant investment for Lymers Assist

An investment of more than £600,000 has been made by leading transport and storage firm Lymers Assist Ltd.

The move is to meet an ever-increasing demand for the wide range of haulage and storage solutions the firm provides from its bases in Hull and the Midlands.

This latest development includes the acquisition of additional trucks and specialist trailers that have immediately been put into service.

Director Alex Lymer said: “We have made a great start to 2024 and will continue to invest in our fleet, with more planned. These new acquisitions have been made to ensure we continue to provide a top-class service to our customers.”

The investment has included additional full steer trailers as access to sites is getting tighter.

Lymers have an expanding variety of specialist trailers, including flat steer extenders, step steer extenders, wafer decks, 3 and 4 axle low beds all full steer. This is in addition to their flats, urbans and curtain sided trailers.

This latest move comes on the back of the acquisition of an additional two-acre site in Hull to provide extra outdoor storage to complement their existing operations.

Alex said: “We are delighted to be able to offer increased storage solutions to our customers throughout the Hull area. This move was again in direct response to meet the increased demand, in this case for secure flexible storage options.”

For suppliers and manufacturers there is often a need for that bit of extra storage space, which Lymers can offer on a flexible basis from days to months at a time.

The storage solutions available have security measures in place, including 24-hour security guards, state-of-the-art cameras and lighting facilities with 24-hour surveillance.

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