Celebrating the success of Humber Business Week 2024

We had a chat with Pat Coyle, Director of Marketing and Client Relations at Rollits, to get a roundup of Biz Week 2024.

As well as being a member of the senior management team at Rollits, Pat Coyle is also the Chair of Humber Business Week and a highly active member of the regional business community. This year’s event took place from 3-7 June, with over 1,000 people from near and far getting involved in over 40 events.

“Humber Business Week 2024 went extremely well,” said Pat. “The events ranged from talks about the applications of AI to dinners with inspiring people from around the UK and beyond. The Monday was a day of launches, including the Bondholders Humber Place Brand and Hull City Council providing information about its new Cultural Strategy. There was so much variety and tons of insightful information shared throughout the week.”

Another launch that took place during Humber Business Week was the HEY Creative Charter, which encourages businesses to support and champion the region’s creative sector.

Pat said “Rollits is one of the founding signatories on the creative charter, which is one of the first in the country, and following its launch many more organisations have signed up – at the last count there were 53 businesses supporting the initiative, and your own business can still get involved here.

“This year was the 20th anniversary of Humber Business Week,” said Pat. “Originally called Hull Business Week when it was set up by Paul Sewell OBE in 2004 with only 5 events, the week saw rapid growth and soon extended to cover the entire Humber region. The anniversary coincided with a few local businesses celebrating their own major milestones, including Smailes Goldie Accountants (125 years), KCOM and Hull City (120 years) and Andrew Jackson Solicitors (150 years). This really added to the vibe of the week and it was fantastic to help these business celebrate their own special anniversaries.”

As well as attending other stakeholder events during the week, the team at Rollits always makes sure to host their own session during Biz Week. This year they held an interactive session with Sarah Young of YoungPlus, which focused on why professional development is so crucial and the different ways in which people learn. By exploring multiple methods of delivering and absorbing information, such as through text, audio, visuals and other formats, the speakers helped attendees to recognise opportunities for more effective training and the importance of continuous development.

“Although Biz Week has only just finished we’re already planning Humber Business Week 2025,” added Pat. “The steering group, made up of some remarkable and resourceful people has just met to review how the week went, and we are now looking at how we can develop our “annual festival of business” even further. There are always new ideas to be tapped into, especially those offered by the next generation of business leaders, so these discussions will ensure that Biz Week stays real, fresh, relevant and exciting for everyone.”

To find out more about Rollits, please visit www.rollits.com. For Humber Business Week, head to www.humberbusinessweek.co.uk