Companies commit to the innovative CATCH EDIB Charter

The CATCH Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Belonging (EDIB) Network was officially launched almost a year ago with guest chairs taking on the stewardship. Now under the leadership of its Chair, Nina Stobart of Phillips 66, member companies have endorsed the newly established EDIB Charter and its accompanying guidelines, demonstrating their collective commitment to shaping an industry that is resilient, adaptive, and inclusive.

With the sector currently facing a notable skills shortage and with a surge of job opportunities expected from upcoming large-scale engineering and construction projects, ensuring a diverse talent pool and equal opportunity has never been more crucial.

The group boasts a membership of highly skilled industry professionals and therefore has established four specialised sub-committees: Policy, Recruitment and Outreach, Allyship, and Training and Development, to tackle some of the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Chairperson Nina Stobart, External Communications & Public Affairs Lead, Phillips 66, said: “Promoting and delivering EDI&B in the workplace is an essential aspect of good people management. It’s about creating working environments and cultures where every individual can feel safe and a sense of belonging and is empowered to achieve their full potential. Our new Charter is a commitment that we are on that journey to help our business and the region reach our Vision which is… to be part of a progressive and equitable region where businesses support a fully inclusive and diverse workforce in an environment where they feel seen, heard, supported, and valued.

“To do this we all need to play our part by embracing difference, valuing everyone’s contribution, treating people with dignity and respect, and increasing our understanding by hearing lived experience of others. Only by doing this can we take the appropriate positive steps forward to ensure we can meet the needs of everyone. We know this really does matter. It matters for everyone, and it must be a priority, not just in words but in action.”

Lisa Buck, CATCH’s Head of Stakeholder Engagement, said: “The inception of this network was inspired by discussions within the CATCH HR Leaders Forum. Regional businesses expressed a feeling that, despite commendable efforts already underway, there was vast potential for more impact if we all worked together. Our sessions have been lively and uplifting, with influential people eager to collaborate in enhancing the industry as a more inclusive workspace.”

Companies that have signed up to the Charter include Philips 66, Yara International, Tronox, Humber Bank Instruments, OLG, Lenzing, Solenis, and Gassco.

For further details about joining the CATCH EDIB Network and signing up to the EDIB Charter, please reach out to Lisa –