Digital media firm donates £12,000 marketing package to Hull 4 Heroes

Local digital marketing firm, One SC Media, has donated a comprehensive suite of services valued at £12,000, including the development of a brand new website, to Hull 4 Heroes, a charity supporting British Armed Forces veterans.

Paul Matson and Helen Skinner from H4H with Subhash Chatterjee from One SC Media.

Subhash Chatterjee, the driving force behind One SC Media, has collaborated closely with Hull 4 Heroes, a local charity dedicated to assisting several thousand veterans in Hull and East Yorkshire.

The services provided by the One SC Media team encompass a diverse range of materials aimed at promoting the charity within the veteran community. These include digital marketing, communications support, brochures, a dedicated shop on the website, social media posts, and professionally filmed video.

Notably, plans for the Veterans Village, set for Priory Road in Hull, are now in progress following the generous land donation by Hull City Council.

While the charity pursues its vision for the Veterans Village, it continues to provide essential support services to veterans.

Paul Matson, Chief Executive of Hull 4 Heroes and a former serviceman, emphasises the critical role of such support in ensuring a smooth transition for veterans back into civilian life: “Increasingly, veterans return from service to find they lack the necessary support network and resources to meet their most basic needs. Hull 4 Heroes aims to ensure that their transition back into civilian life and regular employment is as seamless as possible. Our ever-growing network of support creates homes, provides education, and sources employment for veterans who have put their lives on the line for their country and its people. They deserve better, and we are here to help.”

Mr. Matson expresses his gratitude for the substantial marketing support received from One SC Media. He said: “To receive this level of marketing support from Subhash and his team is unbelievable. This helps us to save money before we raise money, enabling us to reach even more people who need our help.”

Subhash Chatterjee, who has been a Cadet since a young age and had initially planned to join the Armed Forces, founded One SC Media during lockdown at the age of 16. The business has since flourished, employing 20 people in Hull and achieving a turnover of over £1 million.

Reflecting on his decision to support Hull 4 Heroes, Subhash said: “The charity’s impact is tangible, the good they do for local veterans can be seen every day. Many veterans suffer from PTSD and some end up losing their way in life and becoming homeless. Hull 4 Heroes supports people to get the support they need to integrate back into society and feel that life is worth living.

“These people gave up their lives for their country, many at a young age, and when they leave the Armed Forces, the support network they have known throughout their careers drops away. This is why I want to support the charity, both now and in the future.”