HEY Marketing Network launched

Find out about Hull’s newest business networking event.

What do we do?

We connect marketers, businesses and students linked to Hull and East Yorkshire together to promote marketing best practice, share ideas, recommendations, career opportunities, insights and experiences through networking and face-to-face events.

Our aim is to provide an alternative, ‘down to earth’ professional forum specifically for marketers, businesses and marketing students with connections to Hull and East Yorkshire.

How are we different?

We’re a passionate, friendly group of experienced marketers with links to Hull University Business School, local and national businesses who previously organised and hosted local events on behalf of CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing).

Our strong links to Hull University Business School enables us to have access to meeting and booking facilities, as well as providing us with a direct link to local Marketing students. We represent a broad range of marketing disciplines and organisations, and therefore have a foundation on which to share knowledge, insight and experiences.

In short, we’re a bunch of professionals who love marketing (and Hull so much) we volunteer our time on top of our busy work lives to bring together other like-minded marketing professionals in the Hull and East Yorkshire area.

Why did we create HEY Marketing Network?

Hull is not a big focus for professional organisations that are nationally and regionally based.  Professional bodies like the CIM, IDM CMA tend to have large membership fees, yet focus their presence in the bigger cities. Opportunities to meet physically, network with peers, make friends, share ideas and real-life experiences, as well as learning about marketing practice in the Hull area have therefore reduced significantly. 

This has been exacerbated by the Covid crisis, as organisations have moved their focus to virtual events and learning. The increase in remote working has also reduced the opportunities to meet and share ideas with colleagues nearby.

Added to this, retaining marketing students in Hull is becoming increasingly difficult as students look elsewhere for jobs, due to lack of (and potentially awareness of) marketing opportunities in the local area.

What do we believe?

  1. We connect people interested in marketing of all ages, knowledge and background.
  2. We adopt a positive and professional approach in everything we do. 
  3. We create value for our community. 
  4. We are open and honest. 
  5. We respect each other and are open to new ideas.
  6. We are inclusive, accessible and supportive.

Emma Shaw, Founding Member and Chair, said:

“There are a lot of passionate marketers who live, work and/or study in the area. We wanted to develop a fresh approach to professional groups, and have the freedom and flexibility to host free local events to bring them together.

“We’re delighted our first event on 4 October is fully subscribed and look forward to organising more in the future.”

Find out more on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/heymarketingnetwork