How to pack like a pro for your next travel adventure

Packing for an adventure holiday is never easy. As well as all the clothes you’re going to need, you also need to make room for all your equipment, be that your chunky walking boots or climbing gear, as well as extra layers for all weather conditions.

But where does one find space for all this in their luggage? One common mistake is overpacking – and we’ve all seen those people travelling with two enormous suitcases for a weekend away – but it just leaves you with loads of stuff that you have to cart around everywhere. However, with these clever packing tips, you’ll have all you need without feeling like you’ve taken your entire house on holiday.

Create a packing list

The secret behind great packing is great organisation. This is essential If you want to make sure that you take everything that you need with you whilst also helping organise your luggage in such a way that you have everything in the right order that you need them. That means putting your hiking boots at the bottom of your bag, your toiletries at the top within easy reach and your travel documents in a separate bag that you have with you at all times.

Another advantage of the packing list is that it keeps you on the straight and narrow in terms of what you actually need. By thinking about what you need in advance, you’ll be able to figure out what is absolutely necessary and what you can leave behind.

Gather your essentials

Start with your essentials which, believe it or not, doesn’t just include your passport and travel documents. Of course, they are vital, but there are many things that often escape people’s attention. If you’re travelling outside of the continent, investigate what kind of adaptor you need and buy it in advance; these things are always far more expensive at the airport.

Other essentials include chargers and maintenance things for your outdoor gear (bike oil, repair kits, re-waterproof spray), as well as cooking equipment if you’re camping, currency and spare outdoor equipment should anything go wrong.

Choosing your clothes

It’s very tempting to pack more clothes than you actually need. When it comes to adventure holidays, the most important thing is to have the right clothes for the climate.

Consider your destination. If you’re embarking on a tour of Italy in summer, it’s likely going to be hot, so you only need to pack light. The same applies to colder destinations; in these cases, those warm jumpers, fluffy socks and big coats are going to take up a lot of room, so you can’t waste any precious space with summer garments you won’t wear.