Hull College’s campus transformation project welcomes iconic KCOM telephone boxes

Hull College has taken a significant step forward in its ongoing campus transformation project, embracing the city’s history with the addition of two iconic cream K6 telephone boxes generously donated by KCOM.

These beloved symbols of Hull’s heritage have been given a new lease of life at the college and mark a pivotal moment in the first phase of the campus transformation taking place at its Queen’s Gardens campus in the city centre.

The first of the classic telephone boxes was delivered to the college’s city centre site with the assistance of a crane and has found its new home on the side of the former Hull School of Art & Design building. The historical structure has also been revitalised with a vibrant new mural by none other than Hull-based artist ‘Skeg,’ who is also an alumnus of the college having completed a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at the educational institution.

The second telephone box, a remarkable replica, now graces the main reception in the college’s Chesters Building. Situated in front of yet another creative masterpiece by ‘Skeg,’ this kiosk serves as a unique and functional sign-in station for all guests and visitors to the college.

The primary focus of the three-phase campus transformation taking place at the college is to instil a sense of civic pride, not only within its students and staff but also the broader community of Hull. The first phase of the transformation has seen a wide range of impressive new facilities and improvements introduced to aid the development and progression of its students, along with the overall learner experience for all Hull College students. These include…

Esports Arena

A new state-of-the-art facility that has been built to provide the college’s first intake of students pursuing Esports qualifications with a dynamic space to immerse themselves in the world of competitive gaming. The newly created space – located in the college’s specialist Arts building – includes a scrim room for use by the ‘Hullraisers’ Esports teams, which are currently competing in the British Esports Student Championships, and is kitted out with custom-built gaming PCs featuring the latest generation processors, super-fast NVIDIA graphics cards, and 36-inch Alienware monitors, amongst other high-end peripherals. The

facility is a testament to the college’s commitment to staying at the forefront of modern education and catering to the diverse interests of its student body.


A unique digital learning, research and study hub, Elevate has been created to inspire academic excellence. Equipped with the latest technology and conducive to collaborative learning, these study spaces empower students to reach new heights in their studies.

The ‘DigiDen’ is kitted out with 75 PCs to cater for the digital learning requirements of all students. In addition, the ground floor also houses two further spaces – the ‘LitLounge’ and ‘Hushed Hideaway’.

The ‘LitLounge’ provides a comfy corner full of periodicals, journals and fiction books where students can kick back and relax on the lux velvet sofas, while the ‘Hushed Hideaway’ is a serene quiet space with a Japanese garden backdrop and salt lamp soft lighting for those seeking a peaceful retreat that works fantastically well for mindfulness and well-being activities.

Head upstairs and you find the ‘CollabLab’ – a large space filled with teamwork zones for project work and group discussions. Other areas in the space include a ‘Movie Zone’, ‘Study Nook’, ‘Zen Zone’, and ‘Minecraft World’ each with their own unique purpose to ensure the hub offers something for everyone.

The final piece of the Elevate jigsaw is the ‘Think Tank’, which also sits on the first floor of what was the college’s former Library space and offers even more teaching and learning facilities. Alongside an impressive mini lecture theatre, there are both team and individual study spaces along with a further 48 laptops for student use. And what’s more, the space is also available for commercial hire for conferences and events.


The college’s on-site training restaurant has undergone a remarkable transformation, and is all set to offer Catering students a hands-on culinary experience that prepares them for real- world challenges when it opens its doors to the public in the near future. This addition reaffirms Hull College’s dedication to providing its students with practical skills and industry- relevant training. The restaurant has also been rebranded and now proudly bears the name ‘Bilocca’ – in a nod to Lillian Bilocca, a prominent figure in Hull’s fishing heritage and leader of the ‘Headscarf Revolutionaries.’

Hullywood Gardens

The heart of campus social life, ‘Hullywood Gardens’ has been revitalised to create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for students to connect, unwind, and build lasting friendships. It is a place to relax, have a coffee and cake, meet friends, study or relax in between classes.

Bespoke mural artworks adorn the walls to provoke thoughts and interest in key issues and topics such as Sustainability, Equality and Diversity, British Values, and Mental Health and Wellbeing. The redesigned space underscores the college’s commitment to nurturing a sense of community among its students.

Main reception area

The redesigned reception area serves as a welcoming gateway to the college, setting the tone for a positive and inclusive learning environment. It reflects the college’s dedication to creating work and social spaces that inspire and support the entire student body.

Hullywood Boulevard

Hullywood Boulevard, which connects the reception area to the college’s main tower block, has been revamped to embody the college’s community spirit and Hull-centric focus. The now captivating corridor features ceiling-to-floor photographs of popular murals from across the city, including Banksy’s Draw the Raised Bridge artwork, along with a stunning cityscape created by recent Art & Design graduate, Ellie-May Wake.

Kirstie Cawley, Director of Marketing and Communications at Hull College, expressed her excitement about recent developments at the college and said: “We’ve made exceptional progress over the past 18 months, highlighted by our recent impressive Ofsted grading of ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding’ features following a full enhanced inspection of the college late last year.

“Part of the college’s journey includes a huge amount of hard work, dedication and vision to create a new and inspiring environment for our students. Our focus has always been to invest in our facilities to ensure that they are fit to develop the skills of talented young people and adults for years to come. The first phase is now complete, and the main entrance and communal areas have a brand new, vibrant, welcoming and fun vibe. The change has been dramatic and our campus has a renewed energy. The college has become a place that people want to be and want to spend their time.

“The second phase of the project is already underway, with a focus on further improving facilities in our main tower block, including our in-house hair and beauty salons, as well as developing our Hull School of Art & Design, Wilberforce, and Cannon Street buildings. Throughout all of these improvements, we are driven by a commitment to fulfil the college’s high aspirations for success and ensuring our students have access to cutting-edge resources and a supportive community that nurtures both academic and personal growth.”

Reflecting on the addition of the classic K6 telephone boxes to the college campus, Cawley continued: “Our collaboration with KCOM to bring these much-loved iconic telephone boxes to our campus is a representation of our shared commitment to the Hull community. These classic structures, in harmony with the artistic touch provided by well-known local artist ‘Skeg,’ symbolise our commitment to embracing history while forging ahead with innovative, contemporary education.

“Hull College is on an exciting journey of transformation, and these telephone boxes will become a part of our legacy, inspiring generations of students. This project is a testament to our commitment to both the preservation of our history and the advancement of our campus, instilling a real sense of pride in our students and staff. These additions to the college campus not only breathe new life into Hull’s iconic heritage but also signify a commitment to providing a brighter future for students, staff, and the city itself.”

KCOM CEO, Tim Shaw, added: “It’s great to see our iconic K6 phones boxes now standing outside Hull College, symbolising the strong ties that exist between us and our commitment to working together going forward. It’s great to see the investment the college’s leadership is making in the campus as they set out on its next successful chapter. Like Hull College, we’re a business rooted in this region, so we were delighted to donate one of our classic K6 Kiosks for the outside area and a replica kiosk for their reception. Now students and visitors can engage in a bit of Hull’s history and heritage while looking forward to a future digital world and its unlimited opportunities.”