It’s a goal! Hull City apprentices join forces with Run With It Charity

Football apprentices from Hull City’s Academy are helping to inspire schoolchildren in the region with their learning.

It’s all part of the educational programmes organised by the Run With It charity which focuses on raising the levels of literacy and numeracy across Hull and East Yorkshire.

Lisa Dawson, Director of Run With It, said the impact the Hull City apprentices have on their students is incredible.

“At Run With It we are all about doing things differently when it comes to learning, so having the Hull City apprentices help out in our lessons is just brilliant. They are an inspiration to the young people we teach and help them to understand how important education is. They come in every Wednesday to encourage the children to work hard, eat and drink the right things to stay healthy as well as help them with their lessons. They usually have a kick about too or a penalty shoot out just for fun. Our students love it. They are excited and extra motivated to have the lads help out in the session.”

Dean Jennings, Head of Education at Hull City Academy, said:

“If we can create good people, we will create great footballers. People might think that all our scholars do is play football every day, but that’s just not the case. They are also studying for their BTEC and their Sporting Excellence Professional (SEP) qualifications in addition to their training.

“The work they do with Run With It fits in perfectly with their own learning and personal development skills which are really important to them in the long-term. It’s also good to give back to the community and be role models for these young people, to give them aspirations for their future and show them that education is important at all levels.”

Run With It works with schools and education providers, including special needs and adult learners, to provide bespoke lessons outside of the traditional classroom. By bringing young people into more informal environments and teaching real-life experiences, their approach has become a proven method, making learning fun as well as transforming their understanding.

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