L.O.L. Surprise brings first live tour to Hull

L.O.L. Surprise is launching its first ever live national show, L.O.L. Surprise! LIVE VIP Party in collaboration with Visit Malta.

The never-before-seen production will be touring the UK visiting 15 venues across the country, including shows at the Bonus Arena in Hull.

Tickets for the events, at 6pm on 11, 12 and 13 January 2022, go on general sale at 9am on Friday 27 August.

It’s the biggest L.O.L. Surprise! VIP event of the year and Mallory is getting ready for the party. Feeling a bit anxious about her style, she seeks the advice of her L.O.L. Surprise! friends Lady Diva, Royal Bee, Swag and Neonlicious to put together her fierce look. Mallory goes on a journey through dance, song and fashion and comes to realise that being yourself is what really matters and she had the confidence inside her all along.

Along the way, Mallory and the L.O.L. Surprise! characters are joined by many of their friends you’ll know all too well, as well as dancing, singing, life-size holograms of L.O.L. Surprise! Remix O.M.G. Fashion Dolls – Kitty K, Lonestar, Pop B.B. and Honeylicious – leaving the audience thrilled from start of finish.

You’ll be invited to Get Up and Dance and sing along to L.O.L.’s newest hits with your fashionable BFFs and all their fellow B.B.s in this concert style ride made for the entire family!

A spokesperson for the show said: “We’re calling all UK B.B.’s to strut your stuff, show us who you are, and get ready to experience surprises no other UK family show has ever offered. We’ll bring all the feel good vibes ‘cuz it’s going to be the best show ever… like, ever ever!

“It is the first ever family show in the UK to use holograms, or as we say holoGLAMS!”