Little Monkeys join Bundles of Joy to help disadvantaged families

Little Monkeys, the indoor soft play centre which is part of Hull’s Active+ sports and leisure facility, has partnered with family crisis intervention charity Bundles of Joy to help disadvantaged families enjoy some fun and normality, following what has been a very challenging year.

Dawn Sedman in the Sensory Den

Little Monkeys has donated 100 vouchers to Bundles of Joy, which will be distributed to the vulnerable families and children it supports in Hull and the East Riding through referrals from health care professionals.

The partnership will give families who are experiencing severe hardship an opportunity to enjoy Beetle’s Sensory Den, a room that is specially dedicated to developing cognitive, motor, language and problem-solving skills in babies, toddlers and children with special educational needs.

The Den which was opened in 2019 with the support of the charity Aim Higher, is an ideal space for children who struggle with sensory overload. It can accommodate two adults and three small children, creating a calming space to relax and play.

Active+ has a proven track record of supporting the local community and charities. “We’re always looking for different charities to work with,” said Active+ Operations Director, Dawn Sedman.

“In the last 20 years we have worked with many local charities and we felt Bundles of Joy was an excellent charity to support. We know how tough the last year has been for everyone, particularly families with new babies who are struggling financially, and we wanted to do our bit to help. We’re looking forward to working with Bundles of Joy in many other ways in the future.”

Claire Raper, founder and manager of Bundles of Joy, said: “Thank you to the wonderful team at Active+ and Little Monkeys for such a generous donation. The sensory room provides the kind stimulation that is critical for cognitive development, social interaction and skills-based learning, but when families are struggling to make ends meet this kind of activity is a luxury they simply cannot afford.

“These vouchers will give them a chance to enjoy a fun and rewarding experience without having to worry about the cost.”

Active+ is located in Harpings Road, Hull and was formerly known as Hull Indoor Sports Centre.