Living a Cornish life

Photo credit: Greg Willson

If you have ever visited Cornwall, you know it is one of the most peaceful and naturally beautiful places in the world. The people are friendly and welcoming. We wanted to see Cornwall from the eyes of the people who live there. So, join us in learning to live the Cornish lifestyle.


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Cornwall citizens utilise lotteries for a variety of reasons. They feature the National UK Lottery and the Postcode Lottery. They also have a lot of local lotteries. The Cornwall Council issues licenses for Large and small society lotteries and special projects.

If you want to grab a ticket to help a local fundraiser, you won’t have trouble finding one. But, if you just like to play and try your luck with transnational lotteries, you can reach for your computer or smartphone. Either way, Cornwall has you covered.

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Community spirit

Cornwall is a tight-knit community. There are a lot of families there whose ancestors were Cornish, and everyone seems to know everyone else.

Recently Cornwall was granted minority status within the UK. It was a big day for Cornwall.

With all the gardens, parks, and miles of coast, there are always fairs, festivals, events, and activities going on around the city. Cornwall is lucky to have the Scottish Highlands and a beautiful National Park. Check out their website for details.


While Cornwall has its share of major corporations, it also has a lot of small, independent, and family-owned businesses. Because of the community spirit, people are urged to support each other.

You will find great bakeries, restaurants, and shops for all your needs. The cost of living is reasonable (in most areas), so people can afford to buy for quality and not base everything on big-box prices.

Photo credit: Patrick Szylar

Planet respect

Nature, wildlife, and the environment are so important to the Cornish way of life that the responsibility to sustain it is expected, practiced, and taught. Entire villages congregate to do regular beach cleans in the various areas. Charities have adopted woodlands and natural water systems.


You simply cannot speak of Cornwall and not talk of the beaches. Cornwall has 697 km (422 miles) of coastline. Most of the coastline is next to high cliffs, but many beautiful sandy beaches exist. There are lovely coves and bays and a variety of islets. The area is known for untamed moorland landscapes.

The beaches of Cornwall are unrivaled in their unique beauty. You will find many different opinions on which beaches are best. It depends on what you want in an experience. According to the city website, here is a list of a few top beaches in Cornwall.

  • Godrevy Beach – Rocky coastline with a small sandy area perfect for watching the sea or enjoying a good book. This beach is where you will find the Godrevy Lighthouse.
  • Praa Sands Beach – A sandy, flat beach on the south side. Perfect for swimmers. Campgrounds, shopping, restrooms, and restaurants are nearby.
  • Perranporth Beach – A seaside holiday location. The beach stretches 2 miles, and there are plenty of boutiques, souvenir shops, restaurants, clubs, and amenities. There is a natural air swimming pool. The high tide fills the pool at night, and the sun warms it during the day.
  • Marazion Beach – The beach is pebbly sand and reaches as far as Penzance. There are dunes and lookout points that face Sr. Michael’s Mount. This beach switches from calm to having solid gales. It is popular with surfers.
  • Porthmeor Beach – This beach is in St. Ives and is protected from the strong southwestern winds. The sandy beach curves and it is stunningly beautiful. It is a short walk to a host of cafes. There are also beach huts and a small car park.

There are many more beaches in Cornwall. Whether you want a panoramic view where you can paint, a quiet little place where you can soak up the sun, or rocky and mysterious caves and caverns, you will find them. Cornwall beaches are incredibly different from anywhere else in the world.


If you plan a trip to Cornwall, you probably know about the city’s beautiful museums, tours, and historical sights. You know there are high-end shops where you can buy designer clothes, lovely hotels, and fantastic restaurants. You should enjoy all of those things. We just wanted to present Cornwall to you in a way that will make you understand why the people who live there love their amazing city.