North Cave boxer Ted Jackson makes impressive professional debut

Boxer Ted Jackson from North Cave has just won his first professional bout, beating Fernando Valencia on points on a show at the Olympia in Liverpool. Jackson took each round and didn’t drop a single point.

Image: Karen Priestley Boxing

Ted Jackson said: “When I first came out and heard everyone singing, it was an unreal experience with all my friends and family there. I’d dreamed of it being like that. The bout went well. A few shots hurt the opponent. Next time I’ll step on the gas and be much busier. I didn’t get caught. I coped well, my first-time boxing with lighter gloves, bare-chested and without headgear.”

Despite this success, Jackson, a former student of North Cave primary and South Hunsley secondary, is far from making his living from boxing and works for his father in landscaping: “I won 55 of 70 amateur fights as well as three national titles and boxed regularly for England from age fourteen. Now at twenty-one, I train at Boxclub Hull with former professional boxer Connor Coghill as my head trainer and Thomas Stalker, who ran the British boxing team at the London Olympics, as my manager. My dream always was to be a professional, eventually winning world titles. I knew that it was time to get started.”

Coghill was complimentary about Jackson’s debut, stating: “It was a mature, confident performance well suited to the professional style. He’s got a lot of talent. We can’t wait to get back to work and push on to bigger things.”

Jackson likes most things about boxing, “including training to get myself in shape to compete. Then walking into the ring knowing that it’s up to me to prove what I’m made of. There can’t be any other sport giving such a buzz. But it’s not all smooth sailing, with injuries and sacrifices, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

“I’m supported by a large group of encouraging friends. We go to watch Hull City together. They’ll hopefully keep buying tickets to my bouts, which is essential frankly for a novice professional. I’m confident they’ll always support me and when I box, I feel like they’re boxing with me. However, I’d love to develop a fanbase like Ricky Hatton’s. He enjoyed amazing support and fed off the atmosphere he created. Floyd Mayweather was a boxer I regularly watched growing up. I think he was just the best. Easy to watch. So talented.

“My parents have always encouraged me and are my biggest supporters. Boxing has been an integral part of our lives for sixteen years. My brother dabbled in it and was quite good but I’m the one who continued. My parents have helped me so much to get this far and the only way to pay them back is to keep winning and making them and the rest of my family and friends proud.”

Those interested in sponsoring Jackson should contact him by email at or on Facebook. Those interested in training at Boxclub should contact Coghill via Instagram or Facebook. Coghill offers one-to-one training, group training and Boxfit classes.