North Ferriby restaurant taken over by award-winning Indian restaurateur

Exciting news awaits food enthusiasts in North Ferriby and the surrounding areas as Mukesh Tirkoti, renowned Indian restaurateur, co-founder of Tapasya, and owner of Ruthvika Spices and Kitchen, acquires the premises of the former Medici restaurant on High Street.

With an impressive track record of success and an unwavering dedication to serving exquisite Indian cuisine, this new venture promises to elevate the culinary experience in the area, starting from 5 September 2023.

Mr Tirkoti, an industry leader with multiple accolades, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for creating exceptional dining experiences. His passion for blending traditional Indian flavours with innovative techniques delivers a fusion of taste that will leave diners craving more.

Alongside beloved classics, the team is introducing tasting menus that cater for a range of dietary preferences, including vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and meat lovers. The restaurant will also offer afternoon teas and unique Indian desserts. Emphasising the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and authentic spice blends, diners will be transported straight to the heart of India.

Mukesh Tirkoti explains: “I was excited to see the venue has become available and jumped at the chance to bring the Indian fine dining experience to North Ferriby. Ruthvika already enjoys an excellent reputation amongst Indian cuisine aficionados. We have created something unique with a fine dining experience – from plant to plate, the commitment of Ruthvika Spices & Kitchen is to source and serve the finest quality spices, direct from India.

As the goddess of knowledge, music, art, speech, wisdom and learning, Ruthvika represents a new concept restaurant. The dishes combine expert knowledge of Indian food and learnings from the best restaurants around the world, with a twist on health and nutrition from traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

“The best thing I can do for the restaurant”, says Mukesh, “is unleash chefs and kitchen support staff, giving them freedom and support to experiment and explore the huge range of ingredients and spice blends that haven’t even been thought possible in Indian cuisine. We employ the best people and will be guided by their knowledge, experience and creativity, rather than the other way around.”

With the refurbishment currently underway, the new restaurant will have a warm and welcoming ambiance that complements the gastronomic delights served at Ruthvika.

Mukesh added: “Guests can expect a luxurious yet relaxed atmosphere, perfect for intimate dinners or celebratory occasions. The restaurant will also feature a chef’s table and bar area, offering an extensive selection of top-quality wines and spirits to enhance the overall dining experience. We aim to become the go-to destination for food enthusiasts who appreciate the authentic flavours and the art of fine dining.”

Ruthivka Spices and Kitchen will open in the village on 5th September, ushering in an exciting new chapter in North Ferriby’s culinary scene.

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