Quickline closes digital divide for 2,000 left-behind communities

Quickline Communications has provided 2,000 rural communities with fast and reliable broadband in just 12 months – helping to tackle the digital divide in access to the Internet.

Sean Royce

The fast-growing rural internet service provider is rolling out a market-leading hybrid network, combining fibre and fixed wireless broadband to deliver “broadband for the better” to some of the country’s most remote places.

The 2,000 communities Quickline has provided a service to over the past year include:

By providing residents and businesses in communities like this with fast and reliable broadband, Quickline is leading the way in tackling the disparity in internet access that leaves many countryside areas in the internet slow lane.

The imbalance between urban and rural broadband was highlighted in recent research conducted by data group Point Topic with the Financial Times.

It found that, while almost five million UK homes have more than three choices of ultrafast fibre broadband, 10 million households, predominantly in rural areas, do not have an option that meets the need for lightning-fast, reliable connections fit for the 21st Century.

Sean Royce, Quickline’s CEO, said: “This report highlights just how vital the work we’re doing at Quickline is. People shouldn’t be disadvantaged by choosing to live in countryside areas and deserve to have the same internet experience as those living in large towns and cities.

“Fast and reliable internet access has never been so important. We know that improved internet access unlocks a better quality of life for everyone. It supports skills, jobs, education and entertainment.

“Fast broadband means you can stream your favourite TV shows and films, enjoy online gaming, and video call your loved ones without disruption.

“That’s why we’re passionate about bringing fast and reliable broadband to left-behind communities, giving them the digital life they deserve.”

The inequality in broadband services means many rural parts of the country have no access to fast internet, severely impacting communities, people and businesses in these areas.

Quickline’s fast and reliable broadband means buffering is a thing of the past in communities the company serves. Users can stream films and TV without fear of the big reveal being ruined by the connection dropping out. Gamers can play online with friends and internet issues won’t spoil family video calls.

During the pandemic, James and Sarah Dale moved to Coverdale in the Yorkshire Dales. James is a Managing Director of a fresh produce company and Sarah is Head of Innovation for a chocolate company.

James said: “Before switching to Quickline, it was so difficult to work from home. We had an inconsistent 2 Mbps connection that wasn’t enough to sustain one video call. We had to drive to our parents in Northallerton for important meetings to ensure connectivity.

“All our frustrations went away in the flick of a switch when we joined Quickline. From 2 Mbps download capability, we immediately saw speeds of 90-100 Mbps.

“We’ve gone from total despair to moving into the 21st Century.”

Quickline has built a network of hundreds of wireless masts across North and West Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to reach under-served communities.

Quickline’s fibre optic-powered masts stand 43m (141ft) in height and beam the Internet directly to homes and businesses in remote locations.

In addition, Quickline has its technology on some of the region’s most recognisable landmarks, including the Emley Moor transmitter in West Yorkshire, which is over 330m (1,000ft) tall.

This extensive infrastructure means Quickline can provide countryside communities with fixed wireless broadband offering speeds of up to 200 Mbps. Quickline also offers fibre broadband directly to customers’ premises in some areas.

Since launching in 2006, Quickline has grown rapidly and is on track to reach  500,000 homes and businesses with fast, reliable broadband by 2025.

Quickline was acquired by Northleaf Capital Partners in June 2021 and has doubled the size of its team since then. In March, Quickline welcomed its 100th employee with recruitment continuing and the workforce expected to grow to 200 within months.

Quickline recently moved into new offices at Albion Mills in Willerby, East Yorkshire, to accommodate its growing team.

To find out more about Quickline’s mission to bring better broadband to rural areas, go to www.quickline.co.uk/about-us