“Rip down” wanted posters pleads Robin Hood: Prince of Thorngumbald

Outlaw Robin Hood has appealed to children in Hull to protect him from the Sheriff of Cottingham by ripping down wanted posters bearing his portrait.

Posters of Robin and his accomplices, Marian and Sister Skeg, have begun appearing around the city as the Sheriff tries to end their daring raids on the upper class.

But in a video posted on social media last week, the self-styled Prince of Thorngumbald offered people membership of his gang, the Merry Massive, if they bring the fugitives three wanted posters.

Robin is seen exclaiming “rip it down” as nun-on-the-run, Sister Skeg, explains where the “terrible” wanted posters have begun appearing.

Marian then tells viewers that the Sheriff “won’t be happy until everyone in Hull knows about Robin Hood and his Merry Massive.”

Robin also took aim at the rich people he has been stealing from to give to the poor.

“Them millionaires and bajillionaires are no match for our cunning wit and bandit charm, if you know what I mean,” he says in the video.

Marian, with a threatening look on her face, then mimes drawing back an arrow in a bow.

The Merry Massive claim that any person who brings one of each poster to their panto at Social on Humber Street, from 22-30 December, can exchange them for an exclusive gang badge.

More information can be found be at www.middlechildtheatre.co.uk/robin-hood

The Sheriff of Cottingham was approached for comment.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thorngumbald

Written and directed by Paul Smith
Chosen by You

Venue: Social, 63 Humber Street, Hull 

Dates: 22-30 December

Times: Various 

Tickets: Child £12; Concession £15; Standard £18 (no booking fee)