Trick or treat: How to save on your mobile contract

Did you know that the average Brit will spend almost £21,000 on electronic devices in their lifetime? This includes 16 mobile phones, eleven cameras and 13 laptops. On top of this, contracts are increasing at a scary rate, with some mobile customers receiving price hikes of up to 17.3 per cent in 2023. Spooked? Fear not. Here, spusu, a mobile operator that provides some of the most competitive SIM only offers on the market, discusses ways to save on your mobile phone contract.

Compare, compare, compare

Do you shop around for the best mortgage price? What about car insurance or home insurance? If you use comparison websites to save costs on these necessities, then it’s valuable to use them when searching for a new mobile contract too.

Comparing the best deals means makes it easy to determine the contract that’s best for you. For example, comparison sites display the amount of data allocated, whether unlimited calls and messaging is included and if there is an upfront cost to pay.

Furthermore, Ofcom accredits numerous price comparison services, such as MoneySuperMarket, which have undergone an independent audit to ensure that information they provide is accurate, comprehensive and reliable.

Don’t over spend

Back in 2019, personal finance comparison site,, found that two-thirds of Brits use less mobile data than they pay for. Citizens Advice also found that 71 per cent of SIM only users were not using their data allowance.

While a contract with a high data allowance may look like a bargain, money is being wasted if this data is not being used. This provides an opportunity to cut back on data allowance and reduce the cost of your contract.

But once committed to a contract, it can be hard to make amends until the contract is up. So how to know if you’re using all your data?

It’s worth carrying out a data audit before purchasing a new contract. For instance, if you download lots of apps, stream music and use WhatsApp regularly, these actions all use mobile data and a contract with upwards of 5GB should be considered. However, if you know that you infrequently use data consuming apps, sizing down on data may be useful for saving on your contract.

Consider SIM only

Whether you’re team Apple or team Android, if your handset has exceeded all expectations and you see no reason to change device, consider a SIM only deal.

Yes, the feeling of unboxing a brand-new mobile phone offers an instant thrill. But if you’re satisfied with the running and appearance of your phone, then is there really any need to switch?

SIM only deals save pennies because you don’t pay back the cost of the handset, which is one of the disadvantages of taking on a phone contract. According to Uswitch, the average monthly sim-only deal costs just £8.23. Uswitch also predicts that by moving to a SIM only mobile plan, consumers save around £335 each year.

Additionally, unlike phone contracts, which are usually retained to two years before you can upgrade or swap the handset free of charge, SIM only deals are available as pay as you go (PAYG) and pay monthly, meaning there is more control over how you spend your money.

The UK is still being haunted by the cost-of-living crisis, and saving on bills is a must. Mobile phone contracts are just one area where customers are overspending — from lack of research, to paying for more data than used and getting tied into a handset contract. By assessing these factors before purchasing could result in mobile customers treating themselves, not tricking themselves. spusu provides a range of SIM only deals. Discover them by visiting