Why do successful businesses travel by private jet?

It’s often been said that time is money, and the world’s most successful businesses are always looking for more of both. That’s why many are increasingly relying on private aviation to make their travel more efficient.

With the usage of private jets on the rise – and key industry figures reckoning with the heightened necessity of a push towards sustainability in the field as a result – it’s worth considering what it might do for your organisation.

Saving time

This is, of course, a crucial reason for the popularity of private aviation. Without needing to fit into commercial schedules – or collect hundreds of passengers – air travel becomes a much quicker experience from start to finish.

You’re also likely to enjoy greater flexibility in terms of being able to move spontaneously. After all, there’s no worrying about whether the next flight will have seats available. Indeed, depending on your programme and provider, you can have a private jet to any destination you need ready in just a few hours. All told, your time becomes much more productive – before and after the journey as much as during the flight itself.

Meeting colleagues

When multiple team members need to make the same trip, the value of going private only increases. As a place to meet and discuss plans during travel, making your time in the air as productive as possible, a private jet is leagues ahead of a commercial airline. You can potentially make use of dedicated office and meeting spaces while enjoying greater levels of comfort.

Even flying business or first class on a commercial plane with a strong internet connection pales in comparison when it comes to giving you space to be creative and collaborative.


From planning the journey to actually making it, things are significantly less stressful when flying private. With a private jet, you have access to a much wider variety of airports than commercial flights, cutting out time-consuming connections and empowering you to get exactly where you need to be.

You can also expect to shrug off much of the interminable security checks that are part and parcel of commercial travel – though most travellers remain satisfied by them. There’s no waiting in long lines to be checked by security agents, and no restrictions on liquid quantities or baggage weight beyond what the plane can hold.


If you’re keen to avoid drawing a fuss during your trip, then you’ll benefit from the fact that your access to a private jet doesn’t end upon landing. Executives can meet colleagues or guests on board in dedicated rooms to be assured of privacy. This can also potentially save time on the return leg if you never need to actually leave the plane at all.